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Mississippi State softball vs. Tennessee Lady Vols 2022: 3 opposing players to watch

Samantha Ricketts has seed her Mississippi State softball team hit a hot streak and win 7 games in a row. The Bulldogs aren’t perfect, but they’ve shown plenty of potential. That said, Mississippi State will be taking on the Tennessee Lady Vols this weekend. It won’t be easy to get wins on the road in Knoxville.

Here’s three opposing players you need to watch as the Mississippi State Bulldogs battle against the Lady Vols.

Mississippi State softball vs. Lady Vols 2022: 3 Tennessee players to watch

  • Kiki Milloy: Throughout the season, Kiki Milloy has been solid at the plate. She’s a dangerously consistent hitter and also happens to lead the Lady Vols in home runs. With a .386 batting average and 11 home runs on the season, Milloy is someone the Bulldogs will need to account for this weekend.
  • Zaida Puni: While she may not be quite as good as Milloy, Zaida Puni is another dangerous hitter that Mississippi State will need to keep an eye on. So far this season, Puni has a .289 batting average and has managed to hit 7 home runs. Puni is prone to being struck out with 24 strikeouts so far on the season, but if she gets contact, there’s a decent chance that ball will end up out of the park.
  • Erin Edmoundson: The Tennessee Lady Vols have an incredibly good pitcher on their roster in Erin Edmoundson. The graduate student from Deer Park, Texas, has shown that she can be effective time and time again this season. At the moment, Edmoundson has a 1.64 ERA and has managed to strike out 83 of the batters she’s faced in 102.1 innings pitched.

Mississippi State softball vs. Tennessee 2022: Important stats to note

  • Home runs – Interestingly enough, despite Tennessee having played one more game than Mississippi State, the Lady Vols and Bulldogs have the same number of home runs on the season with 49.
  • Batting average – The Bulldogs are notably better at the plate than Tennessee when it comes to batting average. Right now, Mississippi State sits at 6th in the SEC with a .313 batting average. Meanwhile, Tennessee is 13th in the SEC with a .286 batting average. That isn’t bad, but Mississippi State’s is notably better.
  • Batter struck out – Mississippi State has done a solid job of striking its opponents out. The Bulldogs are currently 4th in the SEC after having struck out 220 opposing batters. Meanwhile, Tennessee near the back of the pack in the 11th spot after having struck out 177 batters.

Mississippi State softball vs. Tennessee 2022: Team records

  • Mississippi State: 23-10 overall, 4-2 SEC
  • Tennessee: 23-9 overall, 5-3 SEC

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