STARKVILLE, MS - July 02, 2021 - Team during a parade in Starkville, MS, celebrating the Mississippi State Bulldogs College World Series National Championship win. Photo By Chris OpheimMississippi State Baseball

Mississippi State baseball fans react to preseason ranking

STARKVILLE, MS - July 02, 2021 - Team during a parade in Starkville, MS, celebrating the Mississippi State Bulldogs College World Series National Championship win. Photo By Chris Opheim
Mississippi State baseball championship celebration parade. Photo: Chris Opheim/Mississippi State Athletics.

The college baseball season keeps getting closer and the Mississippi State Bulldogs are gearing up to defend their national title. The 2022 Mississippi State baseball team could be a special one. According to Perfect Game USA, it looks like the Bulldogs have a team that could be good enough to be among the last eight teams standing.

But there are some Mississippi State fans who look at that particular ranking, and the fact that teams like Notre Dame and LSU are ranked above the Bulldogs here, as a bit of disrespect.

Check out the full Perfect Game USA preseason top 25 by clicking here.


Mississippi State baseball fans sound off on after Bulldogs ranked No. 6 in preseason top 25

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A group of Mississippi State fans seem to hold the belief that the Vanderbilt Commodores shouldn’t be at the top. Which, given what Vandy lost and how the Commodores ended the season, there’s a strong argument to put a team like the Texas Longhorns over Vanderbilt.

Several State fans are seeing this as disrespectful because the Bulldogs were good enough to win it all last year. There’s a good bit of talent returning. So, according to some, State should be ranked higher.


So yeah, some Mississippi State fans aren’t thrilled with this situation.

Should Mississippi State be ranked higher in preseason top 25?

But, at the end of the day, it’s fine. Everything is fine. The season hasn’t even started yet and while the Bulldogs do have a lot of last season’s championship team returning, there’s a solid amount of parity in this sport and other teams happen to be pretty talented too.

The fact that Mississippi State is ranked at No. 6 in the country by the folks over at Perfect Game isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not an issue of any real significance at all.

They clearly think the Bulldogs have what it takes to contend for another College World Series appearance this year. Being good enough to get to Omaha is really what matters here. If Mississippi State can put itself to compete for another championship, there’s not a preseason ranking in the world that will truly matter.

Sure, it stinks that Mississippi State isn’t ranked a little higher, but the Bulldogs should be fine. Let’s just see how the season plays out.

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