Mississippi State football mascot Bully enters Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.Mississippi State Football

Lee Corso is now driving the Mississippi State bandwagon

Photo: Mississippi State Athletics

Do y’all remember that bandwagon Mississippi State got its hands on?

Earlier this week, fresh off of a monumental win over the LSU Tigers in Death Valley, Mississippi State shared a video of Mike Leach and members of the Famous Maroon Band riding around Davis Wade Stadium in a literal bandwagon.

It was all part of a brilliant marketing effort and also an attempt to bring new fans into the Mississippi State family. In addition to getting an actual bandwagon, Mississippi State also made an application for fans to fill out, allowing them to join the bandwagon and get a free MSU decal.

There’s no better time to invite folks to hop on the bandwagon than after you get a dominant win over a college football blue blood, if you ask me.

Well, Bully, some Mississippi State fans, and the literal Mississippi State bandwagon has made its way to Lee Corso’s neck of the woods. And, of course, Corso has hopped into the driver’s seat.

I hope Mississippi State gets a ton of mileage out of this bandwagon bit. Maybe the bandwagon will become something of a semi-permanent fixture at Mississippi State football games.

I also hope the Bulldogs keep winning (for multiple reasons, most importantly because I want to see the Bulldogs win a ton of games) and that they’re able to use this gag throughout the entire season.

Mississippi State football helmet

Can Mississippi State avoid a hangover game against Arkansas?

Here’s to hoping that there’s no crazy upset in Starkville on Saturday like there was in Baton Rouge last week

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