Mississippi State football mascot Bully enters Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field for a Mississippi State Bulldogs football game.Mississippi State Football

It’s official, the Mississippi State bandwagon is bad luck

Photo: Mississippi State Athletics

At one point in life, I was foolish.

I was in love with the Mike Leach-Mississippi State football bandwagon videos. There are (at least) two of them! They were great and good-spirited and fun and I thought we needed a dozen or so more of them.

I was wrong.

Nobody should ever make another one again.

If more of these videos exist, they should never see the light of day. Hide them from the internet and never share them with anyone.

I’m not saying the videos themselves are bad. They’re very good videos! The bandwagon idea was clever and kudos to the hardworking creatives in the Mississippi State athletic department for coming up with the idea and making very good videos!

All I’m saying is maybe we should consider tossing that bandwagon into a volcano and then we never speak of it again.

I think the 2020 football season will be full of upsets and chaos and upset fans

It’s safe to say by now that the 2020 college football season will be as wild of a ride as the rest of this year has been, right? Can we all agree on that?

Is that allowed?

Can we do that?

Because Mississippi State was undefeated before the bandwagon videos showed up. Two bandwagon videos later and the Bulldogs were humiliated at home against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

This loss stings. I am sad. That is all.

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