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Mississippi State football vs. Arizona Wildcats weather forecast

Last week’s weather was, well, less than ideal. When I wrote up that weather preview for the Mississippi State football home game against the Memphis Tigers, I had no clue that the weather was going to get quite that unpleasant.

But hey, I’m no meteorologist, I’m just going through weather reports that I find on the internet and share them with you good folks. Because you deserve to have a general idea of what is coming up ahead as you prepare to watch Mike Leach and the Bulldogs.

This week, MSU is headed out west. The weather shouldn’t be quite as bad as it was last week. Still, stay prepared. Stay hydrated. Have fun watching Mississippi State.

This is a section from Mississippi State football vs. Arizona preview: Everything you need for Bulldogs vs. Wildcats. To view the full preview, click here.

Mississippi State football vs. Arizona Wildcats weather report

Mississippi State football wide receiver Rara Thomas catches a touchdown vs. the Memphis Tigers.
Mississippi State football wide receiver Rara Thomas catches a touchdown vs. the Memphis Tigers. Photo: Mike Mattina/Mississippi State Athletics.

Well, after frustrating rain delays that arguably impacted how sloppy things got at times for the Mississippi State Bulldogs at home in Starkville against the Memphis Tigers on Saturday, it’s fair to say that the weather might be a little more conducive to throwing the ball a thousand times a game this week.

Mississippi State’s lengthy road trip out west to Tucson, Arizona should feature considerably better weather for this week’s game against the Arizona Wildcats.

That said, there’s still a slight chance of rain in the forecast. Because of course there is. The rain chances appear to be fairly insignificant, all things considered, but it’s still worth noting that there’s a percentage right there on’s weekend forecast for Saturday night.

As of publishing, the forecast does appear to be pretty friendly. There’s a forecasted high of 93 on Saturday and a nice, cozy low of 71. That’s pretty great. It does look like it could be a little breezy, but nothing ridiculous at the moment. During the day there’s a 10% chance of rain. That increases to 13% at night.

So, not too bad!

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to take a look at a different weather forecast, just check out how Saturday looks according to Accuweather. They’ve got things broken down by morning, day, and night right there in that link prepared for you.

Still, if you’re headed out that way, make sure you stay hydrated and keep an eye on the radar. Drink plenty of water and stay in cool areas. There’s no need to get overheated during your trip out to the desert. Tucson is a great town and you should make sure that you enjoy yourself, but don’t get too hot out there.

It’s worth noting that all of this can change between now and Saturday. I’m no meteorologist, just a sports blogging storyteller. So, listen to the professionals on this one.

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