Mississippi State football mascot Bully enters Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field as Bulldogs host Memphis Tigers.Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State football vs. Arizona Wildcats 2022 preview, prediction

Week 2 of the 2022 Mississippi State football season is here! After the Bulldogs throttled the Memphis Tigers, Mississippi State will now get the pleasure of heading west all the way over the Tucson, Arizona for a late night kickoff. State performed well in week 1, but how will they do against the Arizona Wildcats?

It seems plausible that the Bulldogs could win this game, but let’s not take anything for granted. This is a Pac-12 After Dark game, after all. Just about anything can happen in this contest.

This is a section from Mississippi State football vs. Arizona preview: Everything you need for Bulldogs vs. Wildcats. To view the full preview, click here.

Mississippi State football vs. Arizona Wildcats prediction

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach walks with quarterback Will Rogers and wide receiver Jamire Calvin.
Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach walks with quarterback Will Rogers and wide receiver Jamire Calvin. Photo: Kevin Snyder/Mississippi State Athletics.

Mike Leach will be coaching in familiar territory as he takes his Mississippi State Bulldogs out west for a late night game against the Arizona Wildcats.

This game could get weird and knowing that makes it hard to predict an outcome here.

There’s certainly part of me that is nervous about this game and I think there are elements about this particular contest that should be concerning. Pac-12 After Dark games often get a little weird and there’s certainly a chance that happens in this game. It’s late. Mississippi State is flying halfway across the country for a road contest.

I don’t like that!

But taking a step back and looking at the differences in these two programs with where they stand currently and it is pretty hard not to be optimistic about State’s chances of coming out on top of this game. Mississippi State should be able to win this game and, all things considered, it shouldn’t be close by the time it’s all said and done.

Arizona should certainly be better than it was a season ago, but the Wildcats are still working on rebuilding and things like that just aren’t typically done all that quickly. While it’s fair to be concerned about Arizona causing some chaos and keeping things close, Mississippi State’s offense has the ability to control the clock, proved that it can stretch the field, and will spread Arizona’s defense out a bit.

On top of that, expect the Bulldogs to control the line of scrimmage pretty well and make things challenging for Jayden De Laura. Arizona can show that it is much better than it was last season, but it still feels like the Wildcats will need to take some steps forward before they can win a game like this. Especially considering how impressive Mississippi State looked at times against Memphis in the rain.

Prediction: Mississippi State 42, Arizona 27

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