Relive an awful Mississippi State baseball season with these 2015 MSU calendars



As one horrible Mississippi State baseball season comes to an end, we might as well look back on the good old days of another horrible Mississippi State baseball season. Because why not? Let’s relive some painful memories and look back at the 2015 Mississippi State baseball season!

How are we going to do that?

Well, anyone can do it any day of the week if they’re willing to buy a 2015 Mississippi State baseball calendar! And you can still do that right now thanks to the wonder that is the Mississippi State University Barnes & Noble online store!

That’s right! You can spend a little bit of money and pick up a brand new Mississippi State calendar that is actually old enough to be in elementary school!

For some reason, Mississippi State apparently printed a ridiculous amount of 2015 Mississippi State baseball calendars. Just an absolutely absurd number of calendars. Because they are still selling these things seven years later. How many calendars did they print to where these things are still available to buy?


And look, at least these things are on sale for a reasonable price. You can still go out and buy one and not break the bank. Heck, you could buy 30 of these and not break the bank! What a reasonable deal!

This seems silly, right? Well, it is. But it’s also a decent little reminder that it’s been seven years since Mississippi State had a season anywhere near this bad. The two years were pretty similar in some ways, but it does seem like the 2015 team was just a little bit worse.

The 2022 Mississippi State baseball team finished with a 26-30 overall record and ended the year at 9-21 in SEC play. Back in 2015, the Bulldogs finished at 24-30 overall and at 8-22 against SEC competition.


It’s fair to say Mississippi State was considerably better at the plate this season than it was in 2015, but the Bulldogs had all sorts of struggles on the mound in 2022 because of a number of injuries to their pitching staff that they simply were unable to overcome.

Regardless of how you want to look at it, the Bulldogs were bad in 2015 and they were bad once again this year. And you can relive that horrible 2015 season with a calendar! Maybe, in 2029, Mississippi State will still have 2022 baseball season calendars available for us to enjoy?

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