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Mississippi State softball vs. USF Bulls: How to watch Bulldogs in Tallahassee Regional

The first game of the Tallahassee Regional is here for the Mississippi State softball team. The Bulldogs have worked hard to get to this point, but they’re facing off against a pretty tough opponent to get the 2022 NCAA Tournament started.

Mississippi State’s first game of the tournament will be against the USF Bulls. The Bulls have been really solid so far this season and they’ve managed to get more than 40 wins this year. More than likely, this isn’t going to be a simple win. Mississippi State will have a pretty tough test on its hands with this foe.

It’ll be challenging for Mississippi State to make it to a Super Regional, which is something the Bulldogs have never done before. But, if they can get a win against the Bulls, that puts them off to a great start during the 2022 NCAA Softball Tournament.

Here’s everything you need to watch the Bulldogs face the Bulls in the Tallahassee Regional.

Mississippi State softball vs. USF Bulls: Game info:

  • WhoMississippi State Bulldogs (33-24 overall, 10-14 SEC) vs. USF Bulls (44-14 overall, 12-5 AAC)
  • What: Tallahassee Regional of 2022 NCAA Tournament
  • When: Friday, May 20 at 5 p.m. CT
  • Where: Tallahassee, Florida

How to watch Mississippi State softball vs. USF Bulls:

Mississippi State softball vs. USF Bulls: Live stats and online coverage


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2022 Tallahassee Regional preview

For information on all of the teams participating in the 2022 Tallahassee Regional, click here.

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