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Mississippi State’s only hope against Texas A&M is that the Aggies have a hangover game

Photo: Aaron Cornia/Mississippi State Athletics

Remember a couple weeks ago when I asked if Mississippi State would be able to avoid a hangover game against Arkansas after the Bulldogs took down the then No. 6 LSU Tigers?

Well, as we all know, Mississippi State was NOT able to avoid that hangover game, and the Bulldogs lost in frustrating fashion.

And then lost to Kentucky in frustrating fashion too.

The Bulldogs are reeling and need a big win. Mike Leach and Mississippi State need to prove themselves and prove that the air raid can actually work in the SEC (that might take some time). Against Texas A&M, Mississippi State’s best chance of winning is if the Aggies have a hangover game of their own.

Like Mississippi State a few weeks back, Texas A&M is fresh off of a win against a highly ranked foe. A&M’s win over the Florida Gators is far more impressive than Mississippi State’s win over the LSU Tigers, there’s no doubt about that. The Gators are actually seemingly a good team right now. LSU is, well, not.

And, well, Mississippi State isn’t either.

The Bulldogs managed to score a grand total of two (TWO!!) points against the Kentucky Wildcats. A&M racked up 543 yards and scored 41 points in their win over the Florida Gators. The Aggies looked incredible against Florida. They responded time and time again to everything the Gators did and earned an incredible win.


Hopefully A&M is STILL focused on how impressive they looked last Saturday.

It’s either that or Mississippi State plays notably better than they have over the past two weeks, doesn’t throw any interceptions, and somehow shreds the Aggies’ defense.

A&M being hungover from a big win seems more likely to me right now.

Here’s to hoping there’s a crazy upset in Starkville this week.

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