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2020 SEC Football Watch Guide Week 6



Look, the 2020 Mississippi State football season is a mess. And the Bulldogs are facing off against one of the best teams in the country tonight. So, expect things to get even messier as Mike Leach and Mississippi State try to figure out how to make the air raid work against Alabama.

*extreme Stephen A. Smith voice*

HOWEVER, there are other college football games on this Saturday (unless you’re a team like Nebraska and Wisconsin, that is). Looking around the SEC, there’s a couple of pretty interesting games going on this weekend.

Here’s which games you should check out:


Definitely go check out these games:

  • LSU vs. Auburn – I 100% expect this game to be absurd, obscene, and ridiculous. That’s what will make it thrilling to watch. Both of these teams are underachieving. With LSU, it was reasonable to expect they’d take a step back given all of the incredible talent lost from a season ago. With Auburn, I guess it’s an even year? Wait until it’s an odd year and they’ll contend for the SEC West, I suppose. I don’t know. At any rate, I expect weird things from this battle between the two Tigers. I want to see something strange. It might get my mind off of how bad MSU’s offense is right now.
  • Arkansas vs. No. 8 Texas A&M – I don’t think Arkansas is a particularly great team this year. I do think Texas A&M is a remarkably talented team that is starting to play up to its potential for the first time in the Jimbo Fisher era. On paper, this game should be a blowout, but the Razorbacks just flat out look impressive at times. IF (and that’s a really big if), Arkansas can find a way to play a full 60 minutes against any opponent AND Texas A&M is sleepwalking their way through this game, the Razorbacks might just find a way to upset A&M. That first half against Georgia was remarkable. The Hogs then dismantled the air raid in front of everyone, should have beaten the Auburn Tigers (shoutout to SEC refs), and pushed past a volatile Ole Miss team. Texas A&M has shown it will sleepwalk against Vanderbilt and struggle against MSU. This one has the potential to get weird as well.

Maybe watch these games:

  • No. 5 Georgia vs. Kentucky – Kentucky is a weird team this year that shouldn’t be as up and down as it actually is. The Wildcats have shown the ability to lose in heartbreaking fashion but have also broken a few hearts. This is a team that held Mike Leach to two points and then also lost by 10 to Missouri. UGA, on the other hand, typically finds a way to grind its opponents into paste a la Alabama circa 2011. Georgia should win here with relative ease. As with any Kirby Smart team, they’re primed for an average of one debilitatingly awful loss a year. Maybe Kentucky gets lucky, maybe they get run over by a much better team. Who knows?
  • Mizzou vs. No. 10 Florida – Missouri is the type of team that has snuck its way into being 2-2 and for some reason I have a hard time believing they aren’t 0-4. How they beat Kentucky by 10 a week ago still amazes me. How they stunned LSU still infuriates me. How they lost to Tennessee by 23 confuses me. How they lost to Alabama by fewer than a billion points absolutely befuddles me. I don’t believe there’s any reason for this team to be any good. I will not be shocked in the slightest if the Tigers somehow take down a Florida team that just had a ton of positive COVID-19 tests and had to shut things down for a little while.

These are unnecessary unless you have nothing better to do:

  • Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt – Ole Miss has a really good offense (unless their quarterbacks tosses like six interceptions in a game, then it’s not a good offense). Vandy is flat out a bad team and hasn’t won a game all year. Maybe they’ll continue to be bad next week when Mississippi State hosts them. That’d be pretty nice.
  • Mississippi State vs. No. 2 Alabama – From a Mississippi State blog point of view, I feel as if I’m morally obligated to tell you to watch this game. From a person who wants to make sure you avoid pain, I feel as if I’m morally obligated to tell you that there’s probably no way Mississippi State wins this one. I will be stunned if the Bulldogs pull it off. Here’s to hoping that I’ll be stunned and speechless by the time Saturday evening wraps up.

Here’s everything you need to watch every single SEC game this weekend:

  • No. 5 Georgia vs. Kentucky – 11 a.m. on SEC Network
  • LSU vs. Auburn – 2:30 p.m. on CBS
  • Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt – 3 p.m. on SEC Network
  • Mississippi State vs. No. 2 Alabama – 6 p.m. on ESPN
  • Arkansas vs. No. 8 Texas A&M – 6:30 p.m. on SEC Network
  • Mizzou vs. No. 10 Florida – 6:30 p.m. on SEC Network Alternate

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