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Mississippi State football: 5 best offenses Bulldogs will face in 2022

Mike Leach and his Mississippi State football team are looking to have a solid season in 2022 and they’ve certainly got some potential to make things interesting. The Mississippi State Bulldogs are returning plenty of experience and talent as they head into the 2022 season, which could certainly translate into some solid success

While the Air Raid offense that Leach is very well known for is something that will be a prominent feature in the Southeastern Conference this season, it’s clear that it won’t be the only prolific offense the conference has to offer in 2022. There are several teams throughout the SEC that will be sure to score plenty of points and put up plenty of yards throughout the year.

Heck, several of them happen to be on the 2022 Mississippi State football schedule. Here are the five best offenses the Mississippi State football team will face this season:

2022 Mississippi State football schedule: 5 best opposing offenses Bulldogs will face


No. 5: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Kentucky Wildcats – 10/1/22

While the Kentucky Wildcats didn’t exactly have an overly prolific offense a season ago and Kentucky quarterback Will Levis certainly struggled against Mississippi State’s defense, there’s a pretty good chance that this team is able to put together a solid enough offensive effort that will concern opponents.

Levis has, for whatever reason, drawn plenty of NFL Draft attention and he managed to be pretty effective at times last season as he completed 66% of his passes for 2,826 yards and 24 touchdowns against 13 interceptions. Those aren’t amazing numbers, but they are noteworthy if the Wildcats are able to surround him with playmakers like they did a season ago.

No. 4: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Georgia Bulldogs – 11/12/22

I think there’s a very strong argument that someone could make to put the Georgia Bulldogs up higher on this list and that’s certainly an argument that I would be willing to listen to. However as things sit right now, I do have some questions and subsequent reservations about moving UGA up on this list.

Between the 15 players that were drafted from Georgia’s national championship team and the fact that Stetson Bennett has fewer passing yards in his career than Will Rogers threw for last season, I have some reservations about this offense. All that said, Todd Monken is brilliant and the Georgia Bulldogs have an overwhelming amount of talent. There’s certainly potential for this offense to be truly great in 2022. And that potential concerns me, as a Mississippi State football fan.

No. 3: Mississippi State Bulldogs at Ole Miss Rebels – 11/24/22


The Ole Miss Rebels are losing a ton of talent of leadership from last year’s team, but they’ve also brought in a number of intriguing transfers. Kiffin has made a lot of money by taking quarterbacks and placing them in situations where they are almost certain to succeed. If anyone is able to take all of the transfers that Ole Miss brought in and find a way to make things work in a way that will frighten most of the Rebels’ opponents, it’s Kiffin.

No. 2: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Arkansas Razorbacks -10/8/22

The pairing of KJ Jefferson and Kendal Briles will make for an explosive Arkansas offense. That’s certainly true. Given Jefferson’s athleticism and Briles’ schemes, it’d be fair to expect to see this team put up plenty of points in 2022. While there are some who don’t truly value dynamic and mobile quarterbacks, it’s undeniable that having an accurate passer who is a danger to take off and haul off to the end zone on the ground can make an offense far more versatile in what it is capable of.

That’s what Jefferson can be when he’s playing to the top of his potential. He managed to complete 67.6% of his passes for 2,676 yards, 21 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions. Meanwhile, on the ground, Jefferson added 664 yards and 6 touchdowns. He’s difficult to stop!

No. 1: Mississippi State Bulldogs at Alabama Crimson Tide – 10/22/22

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner is getting ready for another year of playing in an incredibly explosive, quarterback-friendly offense that allows him to thrive at seemingly every moment in every game he plays in. That should certainly concern everyone that has the Alabama Crimson Tide on their schedule, including the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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