‘Truly a first-class experience’: Campbell Camels thank Starkville following 2021 Starkville Regional

Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics
Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics

It appears as if the Campbell Fighting Camels ended up enjoying their trip to Starkville, even if they weren’t able to come out on top of the 2021 Starkville Regional.

Monday, the Mississippi State Bulldogs eliminated Campbell from the 2021 NCAA Baseball Tournament, but it seems as if Campbell is still grateful to have had the chance to visit.

In a tweet posted Monday afternoon, the official Campbell Baseball account shared a photo of various team members meeting and greeting Mississippi State fans out along the outfield wall. The Camels called their trip to Starkville a “first-class experience,” which seems fitting given Mississippi State’s love for college baseball and the beauty of Dudy Noble Field at Polk-Dement Stadium.


And of course, as you can see, the Mississippi State fans who are chatting with the Fighting Camels certainly seem glad to have the opportunity to shake their hand and thank them for showing up.

Of course, it appears as if the Camels didn’t come away from the interaction empty-handed. If you take a look at a video tweeted out by @gmcelroy85, at least a couple of Campbell baseball players were spotted with some food for the road.

Those meals almost certainly came from a Mississippi State fan sitting along the outfield wall, because where else would that food come from?


Get a look at the video. It’s the perfect sort of interaction between Mississippi State fans and another team.

Campbell also went out and supported the local economy in Starkville by visiting at least one local restaurant before leaving. According to The Breakfast Club on Twitter, the Campbell Fighting Camels stopped in for dinner Monday evening.

And so, even though the Camels didn’t leave Starkville with a Regional Championship in hand, it appears as if they at least had a decent time checking out the town and engaging with Mississippi State baseball fans.

Hopefully a similar outcome awaits Notre Dame in the upcoming Starkville Super Regional. Here’s to hoping that they’ll be able to have a decent visit while still getting eliminated.

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Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Sloane Bush/Mississippi State Athletics
Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Sloane Bush/Mississippi State Athletics

Mississippi State baseball scoots past Campbell Camels in Starkville Regional

It was closer than many Mississippi State baseball fans were hoping for, but the Bulldogs still came out on top of Campbell Monday afternoon.

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