Mississippi State news, notes, and nonsense: Go vote for Dudy Noble Field

Photo: Gabby Zgunda/Mississippi State Athletics

There’s a really good chance Mississippi State could lose to Ole Miss in a competition this year. Yes, the baseball season has been cancelled, but apparently even a pandemic isn’t enough to stop the Rebels and the Bulldogs from competing against each other.

What I’m talking about isn’t even exclusively between Mississippi State and Ole Miss. What I’m talking about is the tournament that Dudy Noble Field and Swayze Field are in the finals of.

College Baseball Nation has been putting on a twitter tournament, polling fans (or just general twitter users who stumble upon it) about the best college baseball stadiums in the country.

As it turns out, Dudy Noble Field and Swayze Field are in the finals facing each other.

Because of course they are.

Swayze Field has a ton of fan support and momentum rolling into the finals, which means Dudy Noble will need some help.

So, Bulldog fans, go log in to twitter, click here, and get ready to vote.

Mississippi State is facing Ole Miss and the Bulldogs need your help

There’s no sports happening, but the Mississippi State baseball team is facing off against the Ole Miss Rebels, kind of.

Let’s do some good

Parts of Mississippi were hammered by tornadoes on Easter Sunday. At least 11 people died, multiple people were injured, and houses were destroyed, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

We have an opportunity to do some good here. We’ve got a chance to help. Erin and Ben Napier (Ole Miss alumni, I believe) of HGTV’s “Home Town” and of Laurel, Mississippi have jumped in and are raising funds for those impacted by the storms.

Click here for more information on how to help.

How to help after Easter Sunday tornadoes in Mississippi

On Sunday, storms swept through Mississippi, bringing tornadoes and destruction to various parts of the state. According to a tweet from Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, there are 11 confirmed deaths from the storms in Mississippi as of Monday morning. MSEMA said that, as of Monday morning, 18 counties in Mississippi have reported damage from the…

Today’s tunes:

We’re sticking with Joshua Hedley for today’s tunes. Yesterday I shared some of Hedley’s work, and we’re continuing on with that again today. Hedley’s “Mr. Jukebox” is a fun song that chronicles the singer’s adventures of playing in bars in Nashville, covering a wide variety of famed country songs along the way. You can read more about Hedley and his album “Mr. Jukebox here and listen to the song down below:

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