Mississippi State is facing Ole Miss and the Bulldogs need your help

Photo: Gabby Zgunda/Mississippi State Athletics

There’s no sports happening, but the Mississippi State baseball team is facing off against the Ole Miss Rebels, kind of.

College Baseball Nation, a media outlet that covers college baseball (this shouldn’t be a shocker given its name) is running a poll tournament on twitter. And as it turns out, Mississippi State and Ole Miss are meeting in the finals of the tournament.

And what’s this tournament all about?

Well, it’s about who has the best college baseball stadium in the country. Dudy Noble Field and Swayze Field have made it all the way to the finals thanks to the votes of the twitter public.

Dudy Noble Field made it to the finals after beating Clark-LeClair Stadium by a margin of 11,180 to 7,674 twitter votes. Swayze Field beat out Baum-Walker Stadium thanks to an astonishing margin of 20,703 to 18,890 twitter votes.

Assuming Swayze Field gets the same support that it did in the last run, and the Dude doesn’t get an astonishing increase in the votes it gets, this round won’t be close.

So, Bulldog fans, go log in to twitter, click here, and get ready to vote.

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