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Look: College softball teams across the country honor Alex Wilcox

The college softball community has rallied around former Mississippi State softball player Alex Wilcox and her legacy once more. Teams all across the Southeastern Conference and the country have taken to honoring Wilcox and her memory while also raising awareness of ovarian cancer.

While she was a freshman on the Mississippi State softball team, Wilcox was also battling ovarian cancer. Her battle and perseverance caught the attention of many and brought the college softball world together as everyone could see just how tough and determined Wilcox was during that fight.

Wilcox passed away during the summer of 2018, but her story continued to reach and inspire others. Now, nearly four years later, softball teams continue to honor her legacy.

It’s so incredible to see teams and athletes across the country to continue to remember Wilcox and the battle she faced.

Wilcox had her number retired posthumously and the Mississippi State softball program continues to share her story each and every opportunity they get. To learn more about Wilcox and her legacy, click here, here, or any of these hyperlinks in this quote below:

“The college softball world was very clearly inspired by Wilcox and rallied around her cause. From David Kuhn and the Central Arkansas Bears to the Ole Miss Rebels and various other SEC softball programs to a Chinese professional softball team and so on and so forth, people and teams were motivated to support Wilcox in her battle against ovarian cancer and to raise awareness of the disease.”

Ethan Lee, MSU expands #428WallSitChallenge as it enters its 3rd year

Mississippi State has done a lot to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and the Bulldogs have done a phenomenal job of celebrating Wilcox and her memory. Thankfully, the college softball community continues to rally around her and this cause.

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