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Mississippi State remembers Alex Wilcox 3 years after she passed away

Photo: Kelly Donoho/Mississippi State Athletics

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are remembering Alex Wilcox three years after the Mississippi State softball player passed away. Wilcox died after battling ovarian cancer, but she will always be remembered in Starkville and by the Mississippi State community.

Wilcox played for the Mississippi State softball team back in 2018.

As a freshman with the Bulldogs, Wilcox was also dealing with a battle separate from what anyone her age should have to deal with. While handling all of the responsibilities that comes with being a student-athlete in the Southeastern Conference, Wilcox was also handling the arduous task of fighting ovarian cancer.

Her courage while battling the horrible disease inspired people throughout the college softball community.

To honor Wilcox, MSU retired her number, making her the first female student-athlete to have her number retired by Mississippi State. the Bulldogs also named an early season tournament after her.


But that’s not all that Mississippi State does to commemorate her legacy. Each year, Mississippi State honors Wilcox with the #428WallSitChallenge.

The roots of the #428WallSitChallenge go back to the fact that Wilcox, despite going through arduous treatments for her fight against cancer, was still participating in practice and conditioning with the Mississippi State softball team. As it turns out, Wilcox did a wall sit for four minutes and 28 seconds following a chemo treatment earlier in the day.


I have tried to attempt this challenge in the past and it has never ended well for me. It’s a difficult thing to complete and I typically end up landing on my butt.

To read more about the challenge, how it expanded for its third year, and Alex Wilcox, click here.

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