Mississippi State football team prepares to enter Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field as the Bulldogs get set to host the Memphis Tigers.Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State football vs. LSU Tigers 2022 preview and prediction

Mike Leach and the Mississippi State Bulldogs are headed out to Baton Rouge looking for a road win against the LSU Tigers. Leach’s last trip to Death Valley went pretty well, all things considered, but the Tigers found a way to win a game in Starkville last season that State certainly could have won.

How will the Mississippi State football team look this week? Can they continue to look sharp so far this season?

This is a section from Mississippi State football vs. LSU preview: Everything you need for Bulldogs vs. Tigers. Click here to read the full preview.

Mississippi State football vs. LSU Tigers 2022 prediction


Mississippi State has a very real shot at having a solid season if the Bulldogs can pull some impressive wins together here and there. They’ve gotten off to a pretty good start as the Mississippi State football team was able to get dominant victories over both the Memphis Tigers and Arizona Wildcats. But what better way to get a fun season started off than with a road win over the LSU Tigers?

So, let’s try and get a road win over the LSU Tigers, shall we?

That’s easier said than done, I suppose. Mississippi State doesn’t have a ton of luck historically getting wins in Baton Rouge, though it’s not totally unheard of. Shoutout to 2014 and all the fun that game was to watch. Oh, and that thrilling 2020 victory. I think most of us really enjoyed seeing the Air Raid get rolling in Mike Leach’s first game as the head coach in Starkville..

And given how good Mississippi State’ offense has looked in recent games (and how consistently solid Zach Arnett’s defense has been since he arrived at State), I feel pretty confident in saying that the Bulldogs should be able to go into Death Valley and come out with a win to be proud of.

But I just don’t really love the history of this series. That might not have anything to do with this particular game if you boil it down to an objective, numbers game that strips away all human element. But I’m a human and I sometimes don’t like evaluating things in a plain sense. Sometimes I enjoy looking at trends and storylines from years past and evaluating things emotionally because of the fun storylines that can often come from that.

I’m not perfect and I’m no robot. And I really don’t like making a prediction on this particular game.

But hey, let’s do it anyway. I think State has the more experienced team. I think State’s offense is a much more functional unit than LSU’s offense. I also believe the Bulldogs’ defense is far better than most are willing to admit right now.

Objectively speaking and all things considered, this game should be a pretty solid win for Mississippi State. But I still suspect that things could get weird between these two teams. And for that reason, I’m a tad bit concerned.

Prediction: Mississippi State 31, LSU 21

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