Mississippi State football fans in the stands of Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.Mississippi State Bulldogs

Mississippi State football fans sound off on upcoming LSU game

The Mississippi State football team is 2-0 on the season and the Bulldogs are looking to get their first conference win of 2022 as they head down to Baton Rouge to face off against Brian Kelly and the LSU Tigers. Mississippi State should have a pretty good shot at getting a win in this contest given how the Bulldogs have looked through the first two games of the season.

Mississippi State had no issue at all with the Memphis Tigers and the Bulldogs were ultimately way too much for the Arizona Wildcats to keep up.

Meanwhile, LSU had its hands full with an FSU Seminoles team that has been incredibly underwhelming in recent seasons and the Tigers lost an incredibly weird and sloppy game to start the season. Last week LSU got back on track, but it was against an overmatched FCS team in Southern.

LSU fans likely disagree with it all, but it really shouldn’t be all that shocking that some (or several) Mississippi State fans would feel pretty confident about this upcoming game.

I took to Twitter (shoutout to The Underdog Tribune’s Twitter account) and asked Mississippi State fans to weigh in and share their thoughts on MSU’s game against the LSU Tigers. In five words or fewer, that’s exactly what MSU fans did.

And, without further ado, here’s how Mississippi State football fans are feeling about this upcoming matchup against the Tigers in Death Valley:

Twitter sounds off as Mississippi State football prepares to face LSU Tigers

Some folks are feeling very good about all of this:

Other MSU fans are a little more grounded on the matter. Maybe we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch just yet? I don’t know, I’m not much of a farmer. I’ve only raised a few chickens here and there and all I know is the critters stink.

Meanwhile, some of us are just ready to see some Air get Raided. Let’s Raid some Air.

How are you feeling about Mississippi State’s game against LSU? Go ahead and let us know. In five words or fewer. Or more. However you like.

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