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Mississippi State football fans sound off on infuriating loss to LSU

Well, that was certainly less than ideal.

In absolutely infuriating fashion, Mike Leach and the Mississippi State football team went down to Baton Rouge and lost to the LSU Tigers, who are in year one of a rebuild. The Bulldogs, who are experienced and fully used to the offense that they employ under Leach’s guidance, simply could not sustain any sort of momentum or success against the Tigers.

State got off to a really solid start, sure. But MSU just was completely and totally unable to maintain any sort of momentum on drives in the second half. The offensive line was pushed around. Rogers appeared to be rushed in his decision making process. The defense ran out of steam. Special teams play was a struggle once more.

And unfortunately for Mississippi State, LSU got better as the game wore on. For whatever reason, the Bulldogs simply could not keep up.

Understandably, Mississippi State football fans aren’t thrilled! Seeing the Bulldogs lose like that is rough and it probably shouldn’t have happened. But hey, it doesn’t matter what should have happened. It doesn’t matter that the Bulldogs still have issues with kicking extra points or that there was a muffed punt that turned into a touchdown. It doesn’t matter that Mississippi State’s offensive line kept getting run over by LSU.

What ultimately matters is that Mississippi State lost. And now we’ll get to see how the Bulldogs bounce back from this mess. This isn’t the end of the season. This year has been weird at times so far. This was a weird and frustrating loss.

And Mississippi State fans have thoughts on the matter.

We asked. You answered. This time in 6 words or fewer. Here we go.

Mississippi State football fans react after loss to LSU

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Late night games are for the birds.


Yeah, man, I understand that.

That’s a sentence right there.

Maybe moving on to the next game could be a good thing?

Maybe moving on to the next game is a bad thing?

Maybe we’ll have a good baseball season? Or a good softball season!?

What about you? What are your thoughts on this absolute disaster of a game? How are you feeling? Do you have six (or fewer) words on the matter? Or would you like to use more?

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