WATCH: MSU baseball team records its firetruck ride through the championship celebration parade

STARKVILLE, MS - July 02, 2021 - Team during a parade in Starkville, MS, celebrating the Mississippi State Bulldogs College World Series National Championship win. Photo By Chris Opheim
Mississippi State baseball championship celebration parade. Photo: Chris Opheim/Mississippi State Athletics.

Good content should always be celebrated. At any times. Always.

Here at The Underdog Tribune, we will always celebrate good Mississippi State content. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. If it’s good content, we’re here to give you props for it. That is especially true for good Mississippi State baseball national championship celebration content.

So, when the official Mississippi State baseball twitter account decided to share a phenomenal video of the Mississippi State baseball team celebrating its national championship, I decided that particular video should be celebrated.

Seriously, as many Mississippi State fans as possible should watch this one because it is absolutely phenomenal content. Someone in the MSU Athletic Department had the brilliant idea to give the team a GoPro to pass around during the parade.

That individual, just like this video, should be celebrated.

I don’t know who had the idea to give the baseball team a GoPro for the national championship celebration parade, but that person deserves a bonus or a raise immediately.

Can someone please make that happen?

Check out that video below.

Mississippi State baseball team celebrates national title during Starkville parade


There’s a lot going on here.

Obviously, you’ve got the Mississippi State baseball team celebrating while on the top of a firetruck. That in itself is a lot of fun. They’ve got flags and championship signs and really cool angles of the crowds throughout Starkville.

This team was a blast to watch on the field and they’re a blast to watch while celebrating Mississippi State’s first national championship. This group of Bulldogs will forever be remembered for bringing a title home to Mississippi State University.

They, like so many Bulldogs before them, worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Do yourself a favor and go watch that video again. Brighten up your work day by enjoying Mississippi State being better than everybody else this season. You deserve that. This team deserves that. Just scroll on up a little bit and celebrate the fact that you’re a Mississippi State Bulldog.

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