Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Sloane Bush/Mississippi State AthleticsMen's Basketball

5 events that should have made Mississippi State’s 2021 SEC Network Takeover

Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Sloane Bush/Mississippi State Athletics
Mississippi State baseball. Photo: Sloane Bush/Mississippi State Athletics

We’re less than a week away from 2021’s edition of Mississippi State controlling the programming at the SEC Network. While there are some really good Mississippi State sporting events that will be broadcast on the SEC Network during that 24 hour period of time, there are some events that should have been included.

We’ve got 10 different pieces of really good Mississippi State content that will be shown during that timeframe and that’s a lot of Mississippi State to sit back and enjoy.

Still, the lineup could have been better.

Let’s take a look at the 10 things that will be shown during the 2021 Mississippi State SEC Network Takeover. The full schedule is below:

Mississippi State’s SEC Network Takeover is set for July 11

  • 7/10/21 at 11 p.m. – #5 Mississippi State vs. Auburn (Baseball)
  • 7/11/21 at 2 a.m. – SEC Storied: Thunder & Lightning
  • 3:30 a.m. – Mississippi State: Maroon-White Game
  • 5:30 a.m. – Missouri vs. Mississippi State (Football)
  • 8 a.m. – Mississippi State vs. South Carolina (Softball)
  • 10 a.m. – Mississippi State vs. LSU (Football)
  • 1 p.m. – Ole Miss vs. #14 Mississippi State (W Basketball)
  • 3 p.m. – Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss (M Basketball)
  • 5 p.m. – #6 Ole Miss vs. #4 Mississippi State (Baseball)
  • 8 p.m. – #24 Tulsa vs. Mississippi State

That’s a pretty good lineup of events! The Bulldogs are showcasing a wide variety of games from much of its athletic department.

But while that grouping is good, it could certainly be better.

So, without further ado, here are five events that should have made it onto Mississippi State’s 2021 SEC Network Takeover

No. 5: Any of Mississippi State baseball’s three wins over Texas


The Mississippi State baseball team kicked around the Texas Longhorns three times during its national championship season. 2021 was a great time for the Bulldogs to face off against the Longhorns.

Mississippi State first beat the Longhorns in Arlington and then the other two wins that MSU earned were in the College World Series. All three of these wins were monumental victories for the Mississippi State baseball program, but, for some reason, all three of these games were left off of Mississippi State’s SEC Network Takeover.

I get that not all three of these games could have been shown. There’s only so much time for MSU to try and get something shown.

I get it.

But at least one of these wins could have been shown, right? Everyone loves seeing Texas lose, regardless of sport, and every one of these games was big for a different reason.

MSU’s first win over UT came in Arlington, Texas, when the Bulldogs faced the Longhorns during the first game of the season. Mississippi State handed Texas a resounding 8-3 loss, which set the tone for MSU’s impressive national title season.

Later, the two teams faced each other in Omaha. During the first game of the College World Series for both teams, Mississippi State won thanks to Will Bednar and Landon Sims combining to help set CWS records. That 2-1 win propelled MSU into the winner’s bracket and set State up nicely in Omaha.

And then that third win eliminated Texas and launched Mississippi State into the College World Series finals. It was a thrilling walk-off win that deserves to be shown. I don’t get why none of these are available during the Mississippi State SEC Network Takeover.

No. 4: Mississippi State softball’s win over Ole Miss in the SEC Tournament


Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all love wins over Ole Miss. It’s always a thrill to see the Bulldogs beat the Rebels, regardless of sport.

I personally thoroughly enjoy college softball, so this win was definitely great to see, especially when considering that it was a good amount of revenge for the series that Ole Miss swept State in during the regular season.

Which is why I think this would be a more natural fit in the SEC Network Takeover for the Mississippi State Bulldogs than one of MSU’s wins over South Carolina. Beating the Gamecocks is fun and all, but knocking the Ole Miss Rebels down in the SEC Tournament has more meaning.

Heck, State’s win over Texas A&M would’ve also been a great choice considering it was Samantha Ricketts’ first SEC win.

No. 3: Mississippi State softball’s 6-2 win over Tennessee


Speaking of softball games that should be celebrated, Mississippi State’s dominant 6-2 win over the University of Tennessee Lady Vols is one that deserves more recognition. Tennessee had a really, really good softball team this season, just as they do most seasons, and Mississippi State really needed a win to continue to salvage its season.

So when the Bulldogs did get that win, things started really looking up for Samantha Ricketts and the Mississippi State softball team.

Mississippi State’s first scheduled meetings with the Lady Vols was postponed, which actually benefited the Bulldogs greatly.

MSU caught Tennessee after the Bulldogs had taken the series from the South Carolina Gamecocks. In a doubleheader, Mississippi State beat Tennessee twice, including that very important 6-2 win. This victory helped launch MSU into the postseason, which helped salvage the season.

Now it’s on to next year as Ricketts looks to elevate the Mississippi State softball program.

No. 2: Mississippi State men’s basketball team’s win over Kentucky in the SEC Tournament


Any win over the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team is a win worth celebrating. Kentucky is a dominant program and consistently has one of the best teams in the country. So, any win you can get over the Wildcats is important, even if it is in something of a down year for UK.

Oh, and this win came after Mississippi State had lost 15 consecutive games against the Kentucky Wildcats. That’s definitely worth noting here. The ending of that streak, the win over a historically great program, and the fact that this win came in the SEC Tournament make this a huge win for the Bulldogs.

Mississippi State’s win over Kentucky helped keep the Wildcats out of the NCAA Tournament while also assisting in MSU’s NIT bid.

So, everyone wins with this game. Except Kentucky.

And that’s fine.

No. 1: Either of Mississippi State baseball’s wins over Vanderbilt in the College World Series finals


It’s an absolutely puzzling thing that neither of Mississippi State’s College World Series wins over the Vanderbilt Commodores were included in the SEC Network Takeover.

First and foremost, let’s just look at the wins without any added context.

Beating Vanderbilt 13-2 is a huge thing! Beating Vanderbilt 9-0 is a huge thing! These wins are worth celebrating and showing off at any given moment, even before you consider the setting and the stakes. Both of these wins came in the College World Series. That’s also huge. Both of these wins came in the College World Series finals.

The stakes don’t get any bigger than that.

Oh, and let’s also consider that those wins would help Mississippi State lock up the first team national championship in the entire history of Mississippi State University’s Athletics Department.

Can someone help me make sense of this? Why aren’t either of these games being shown in Mississippi State’s SEC Network Takeover? Is there a broadcasting issue? Is something preventing ESPN from taking its broadcasts and scooting those on over to the SEC Network?

Let’s show off these games, please.

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  1. You’d think at least Game 3 against Vandy would deserve to be there, AT MINIMUM.

    Who want’s to bet that people at the Clarion Ledger were involved?


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