Sports Alternatives

Watching sports alternative No. 2: Baby goats

Photo: Taylor Fikes/Mississippi State Athletics

Can’t watch sports? We’ve got alternatives out there. You could read a book or go for a walk or take up a new hobby like painting or slam poetry or do any of the things that I’m going to suggest and review in this new series.

Baby animals are almost universally adorable, right? Specifically talking about mammals, we’re generally looking at things that are cute, have seemingly disproportionately large heads and eyes, appear fuzzy, and make amusing noises.

That seems like a somewhat suitable substitute for sports competitions.

We’re being presented with a unique opportunity to watch some baby goats. If you’re like my wife and you had goats and sheep fight with you when you were a child, you may not enjoy watching tiny farm animals.

If you’re like the rest of us who would absolutely be on board for keeping up with the adventures of small creatures, then this is for you.

Kelly Maher apparently has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of baby goats playing around. There’s this one, aptly titled “Baby goats playing on a shade sail they turned into a trampoline.”

That’s adorable.

Well Maher needs your help.

She wants to livestream what I’m assuming is the birth of more baby goats? I’m not sure I’m totally in on seeing baby goats born over a livestream on YouTube (I’m also not sure if YouTube allows this and I’m NOT checking to see if there are current examples on the platform), but if you are, you should go subscribe to her channel.

I think I’m kinda out on watching goat birth, but I’ll watch some livestreams of some baby goats playing around for like an hour or so.

She’s currently at 128 subscribers, so she’s got a long way to go. But there’s a lot of bored people out there and maybe they want more baby goats in their lives.

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