Mississippi State men's basketball head coach Chris Jans walks in front of the MSU Bulldogs' team bus.

‘Fill these seats’: Mississippi State basketball coach Chris Jans calls for sold out crowd vs. Kentucky



The Mississippi State men’s basketball team is on a hot streak and they deserve your support. And as it turns out, Mississippi State basketball coach Chris Jans is inspiring MSU basketball fans to show up as the Bulldogs take on the Kentucky Wildcats.

It always helps to have a solid home court advantage. MSU is pretty familiar with that. And that’s why Jans has publicly called for Mississippi State basketball fans to get to the Hump.

Mississippi State and Kentucky will get started at 7:30 p.m. Mississippi State basketball tickets are available online.

Get to the Hump if you can. This men’s basketball team is on a hot streak and has a dominant defense. And there’s a really good chance the Bulldogs can get a win. They’ve done everything they can to get fans to show up. Now it’s all on MSU basketball fans to be there to continue to support this team.

Mississippi State basketball fans unite behind coach Chris Jans’ call to action


And of course, if you take a look at Twitter, it sure seems like Mississippi State basketball fans are ready to watch the Bulldogs take on the Wildcats.

Some pretty notable MSU athletes are getting in on this as well.

The Bulldogs have been performing incredibly well this season, and this is an opportunity for them to prove themselves against one of the proudest programs in college basketball (Kentucky basketball is a blue blood team, even if the Wildcats aren’t all that great this season).

Get to the Hump. 7:30 p.m. Be there. Support the Bulldogs. This program has earned a show of unity from its fans. And maybe it’ll help propel the MSU men’s basketball team to a nice, solid victory over Kentucky.


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