Mississippi State women's basketball head coach Sam Purcell on the sidelines as the Bulldogs play. Photo: Mike Mattina/Mississippi State athletics.

Mississippi State women’s basketball coach Sam Purcell apparently officiates weddings?



Is your favorite women’s basketball coach prepared to help someone get married? If you’re a fan of the Mississippi State Bulldogs, there’s a pretty good chance that answer is yes. Apparently, Mississippi State basketball head coach Sam Purcell is credentialed to go out and officiate weddings?

On Valentine’s Day, Purcell, the head coach for the MSU women’s basketball program, revealed that he can help folks get hitched.

Because why not?

It’s a little odd, and the man is busy right now, but he can apparently marry folks. And that’s just certainly something interesting.

Celebrating love with the Mississippi State Women’s Basketball team

There’s a lot to love about Sam Purcell and this Mississippi State women’s basketball team. Right now, they’re winning and working to make it to the NCAA Tournament. With an 18-7 overall record, and a 12-2 home record, this bunch can be tough to beat. They’re on a three-game winning streak and working to prove that they belong in the postseason.


While this whole deal about helping folks get married is fun and a bit quirky, it’s more than fair to say that Purcell’s quirks make him a lot of fun to root for. The man has an overwhelming amount of energy and is all over the place seemingly all the time.

On top of that, he’s got a lot of personality. And he shows that on social media. He’s human and he’s fun to engage with and follow.

Add in the fact that this team is winning and Purcell is recruiting well, and Mississippi State basketball fans have a lot to be happy with right now. It would’ve been nice had the Bulldogs found a way to beat Ole Miss, but that’s not something to dwell on right now.

(It should absolutely be addressed next year though).

What does it take for someone to become a certified wedding officiant?

That’s a great question and it looks like that varies depending on your location. In Mississippi specifically, it’s a pretty straightforward process. And there are plenty of, uh, online institutions that will certify you to marry people.

If you do a quick search through Google, you’ll find that it’s rather easy to become a wedding officiant.

Take that and dow with it what you will.

But yeah, Sam Purcell can apparently marry people.

And he’s working on building his Mississippi State Bulldogs into a really solid program once more. Let’s see how high he can elevate the Mississippi State women’s basketball program and if he’s able to reach higher heights than what Vic Schaefer achieved.

I’m hopeful that he can. Because the dude is hilarious and he loves Mississippi State.

He also seems to love love.


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