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Mississippi State football vs. Bowling Green preview: Everything you need for Bulldogs vs. Falcons

Okay, well, game 3 of the 2022 Mississippi State football season didn’t go the way we had hoped, but game 4 is upon us and it’s the perfect opportunity for Mike Leach and the Bulldogs to bounce back. After losing an incredibly disappointing game against the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge, Mississippi State is back in Starkville for a non-conference match up with the Bowling Green Falcons.

Yes, it’s been mentioned before and it’ll be mentioned again. Mississippi State should’ve been in position to beat LSU last week. That game should’ve been a very winnable contest. Unfortunately for Leach and the Bulldogs, multiple ill-timed mistakes doomed MSU and kept State from winning.

So that makes this week pretty important. There are a number of fans out there that are, for one reason or another, disappointed with that they believe this season will end up being. If the Bulldogs can cruise to an easy win over Bowling Green, that will give MSU a 3-1 record before State heads into a pretty interesting part of its schedule.

MSU welcomes the Texas A&M Aggies to town next week. After that contest, the Bulldogs host the Arkansas Razorbacks. On Oct. 15, the Bulldogs hit the road for a meeting with the Kentucky Wildcats before going to Tuscaloosa on Oct. 22 to face the Alabama Crimson Tide.

So yeah. There are some winnable games in there, but folks who checked out after the LSU game won’t view it that way. And it’s hard to really blame them. That’s a tough stretch of SEC games and the Bulldogs did not look great in their SEC opener.

Let’s get a solid win vs. Bowling Green and then maybe get some SEC wins? Who says no?

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Mississippi State football vs. Bowling Green preview


Mississippi State football: 3 Bowling Green Falcons to watch

  • Matt McDonald – Bowling Green’s quarterback hasn’t been great, but he’s been effective and efficient and he’s certainly minimized any sort of mistakes that he could make. He’s only completing 56.3 percent of his passes, but McDonald has 10 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. That’s pretty solid.
  • Odieu Hiliare – The Falcons have turned to multiple receivers throughout the season so far, but Odieu Hiliare appears to be the most reliable pass catcher they have available to them. So far this season, Hiliare has caught 12 passes for a team-leading 143 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • Karl Brooks While the Bowling Green Falcons may not have the best pass rush ever, Karl Brooks has been pretty good at pressuring quarterbacks this season. So far, Brooks has recorded 2 sacks and has 3 tackles for loss. At 6’4″ and 280 pounds, he’s not a guy that I’d want colliding into my quarterback.

Mississippi State football vs. Bowling Green Falcons: 3 storylines to watch

Storyline 1: Bowling Green is EXCEPTIONALLY bad at slowing down passing attacks


One thing that is truly great for Air Raid offenses is when the opposing team just simply can’t stop your offensive game plan. Or really anything that resembles your style of attack. If they can’t defend the pass, which is something you tend to exclusively do, then you have no reason to not score a lot of points as you exhaust their defense while enforcing your will on an outmatched and overwhelmed opponent.

Unfortunately for Mississippi State, the Bulldogs had a rough time trying to throw the ball a week ago. Fortunately for Mississippi State, it doesn’t appear as if Bowling Green is even remotely competent at slowing down offenses where the ball is thrown frequently.

Eastern Kentucky threw for 324 yards in a 53-51 win over the Falcons. Bowling Green allows 345.7 passing yards per game.

Let’s Raid the Air.

Storyline 2: Will we see the starters have an opportunity to rest in the second half?

Mississippi State got exhausted against LSU and the Bulldogs have played in a few late night games so far this season. Things haven’t exactly been the most relaxing for Mississippi State so far this season! Will Rogers and company played late against both the Arizona Wildcats and the Memphis Tigers.

It would be absolutely great to see MSU quickly build an insurmountable lead and then subsequently cruise to a victory by letting the guys further down the depth chart get some experience.

Oh. Can’t forget. Mississippi State hosts Texas A&M next week and the Arkansas the week after that. The Bulldogs follow that up with a trip to Kentucky and then a trip to Alabama. Can we please find a way to make sure the starters are able to get a breather in this game?

Storyline 3: How does Mississippi State respond to its first loss of the season?

Last week sucked. The Bulldogs’ offense stalled out on multiple occasions and the defense got worn out as the game kept going. Ultimately Mississippi State lost in a contest it very well could have won, but ultimately didn’t. And here’s to hoping that this loss to LSU does not haunt the Bulldogs in any way shape or form.


How is Mississippi State going to respond to losing in frustrating fashion? Will MSU be able to come out and cruise to an easy win over Bowling Green, or will mistakes continue to pile up and add up and then cost State at various different occasions?

Here’s to hoping for the former and not the latter.

Mississippi State football vs. Bowling Green Falcons history

The Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Bowling Green Falcons don’t have an extensive history of facing off against each other. These two programs have only met once and it was back when the Falcons were a pretty intriguing team to try and beat.

In 2013, Mississippi State welcomed the Falcons to town and got a little more than they expected. The Bulldogs, led by Dak Prescott, were able to come away with a 21-20 win over the Falcons, but that game left a bad taste in the mouth of many MSU fans.

However, that particular Bowling Green team is among the most successful that program has ever seen. Dave Clawson, who is now turning the Wake Forest Demon Deacons into one of the most fascinating teams in the ACC, led the Falcons to a 10-4 records that season.

That includes a win over #16 NIU (who finished 12-2 on the season) in the MAC Championship Game. Bowling Green was pretty good in 2013!

The Falcons are nowhere near that interesting or good now. Maybe they can be fun to watch at some point in the future once more. But for right now, I’m hoping the Bulldogs are able to run away with a dominant home win over the Falcons.

MSU sure needs a solid win here.

Mississippi State vs. Bowling Green: Bulldogs favored over Falcons


Hey. Good news. Mississippi State is favored this week. But, that said, given who the Bulldogs are playing, it shouldn’t be a shocker that MSU is the favorite in the fourth game of the 2022 Mississippi State football season.

Mike Leach and company are HUGE favorites at home over the Bowling Green Falcons. Bowling Green, led by Scot Loeffler, hasn’t been all that great in recent years. Loeffler, since 2019, has compiled a record of 8-24 during his tenure with the Falcons.

They haven’t had a lot of fun in recent years.

So, again, Mississippi State being favored by quite a few points shouldn’t be a huge surprise for really anyone. Of course, the Bulldogs can’t afford to get complacent. Even with the talent differential that exists between these two programs, MSU can’t overlook any opponent right now.

We’ve seen the Bulldogs play some mistake-filled football so far this season. Missed extra points. Muffed punt returns. Interceptions. Less-than-ideal pass protection. MSU hasn’t played a game without at least some sort of mistake and it’s been frustrating at times.

At the moment, MSU is a 30.5 point favorite over the visiting Falcons. I will, admittedly, be disappointed if the Bulldogs aren’t able to take care of business and win by at least that many points. There is no reason for MSU to not win by a lot here.

This is a game that Mississippi State absolutely should win and it’s a game that Mississippi State should win in overwhelming and absolutely dominant fashion.

Mississippi State football vs. Bowling Green Falcons: TV channel, live stream, live stats, online coverage



Mississippi State vs. Bowling Green game info:

  • Who: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Bowling Green
  • What: Game 4 of the 2022 MSU football season
  • When: Saturday, Sept. 24 at 11 a.m. CT
  • Where: Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field in Starkville, Mississippi

How to watch Mississippi State vs. Bowling Green:

Mississippi State vs. Bowling Green radio information:

Mississippi State vs. Bowling Green online coverage and live stats:

Mississippi State football vs. Bowling Green Falcons weather forecast

Fall is (theoretically) here and the Mississippi State Bulldogs are getting set to face off against the Bowling Green Falcons. The weather in Starkville is pretty pleasant, all things considered, though it might get a little toasty during the Bulldogs’ game against Bowling Green on Saturday.

Around the time of kickoff, it’s supposed to be around 79 degrees in Starkville, according to Weather.com’s forecast. That’s not bad! Not bad at all! However, as the game goes on, it’ll get into the mid to upper 80’s. If you’re planning on tailgating after the game, make sure that you’re drinking some water and staying properly hydrated. The high on Saturday is currently set to be 90 degrees.

The wind shouldn’t be blowing around too much and it looks like it’ll cool off in the evening, making a trip to Starkville a pretty pleasant one.

But hey, I’m no meteorologist. Just a writer. And things can absolutely change between the publishing of this article and the time you get to Starkville. So make sure to keep your eye on the weather and enjoy your trip to Starkville this weekend.

Mississippi State football vs. Bowling Green Falcons 2022 prediction


This is a game where the Mississippi State football team has to be firing on all cylinders. Not because the Bowling Green Falcons are some sort of juggernaut (they are actually pretty far from being any sort of good), but because Mississippi State needs to restore some confidence with some of the Bulldogs’ fans.

It seems like some folks have checked out on this season. Right or wrong, I’ve seen folks talk about how this season is already doomed to be one of mediocrity. Despite how unpredictable Mike Leach-coached teams can be at times, there are some who have already assumed that the Bulldogs can’t accomplish anything other than just maintaining mediocrity this year.

The loss to the LSU Tigers was pretty bad. There’s no solid excuse for losing to that team and there’s certainly no reason that game should have been as sloppy as it was. The Bulldogs looked flat and just got run over by LSU.

That’s a problem.

That said, there’s still plenty of season left for Mississippi State to get moving in the right direction once again. The Bulldogs are being presented with an opportunity to get a solid win over the Bowling Green Falcons to kickstart what will be a really interesting stretch for Leach and his team.

But just because things are about to get intriguing with MSU’s football schedule does not mean that Mississippi State can really afford to overlook Bowling Green. The Bulldogs need to take care of the Falcons and then they can start focusing on all of what is up ahead of them.

Bowling Green is off to a pretty rough start so far this season. The Falcons were flattened by UCLA to start the season and then were knocked down by Eastern Kentucky. Somehow, they rebounded and secured a 34-31 win against Marshall.

Now they’ve arrived in Starkville.

There’s a pretty notable talent differential here and Bowling Green is horrendous when it comes to defending the pass. Right now, the Falcons are allowing an average of 345.7 passing yards to their opponents. That should present plenty of opportunity for Will Rogers and company to build some momentum and get a much-needed, fan confidence-restoring win.

We’ve got a lot of football left up ahead of us. We’ll see if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Prediction: Mississippi State 48, Bowling Green 17

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