Mississippi State football mascot Bully enters Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field as Bulldogs host Memphis Tigers.Mississippi State Bulldogs

Twitter reacts after Mississippi State makes shocking 53-yard field goal vs. Bowling Green

Well. It appears as if the Mississippi State football team might just be figuring out how to make field goals happen. The Bulldogs have had all sorts of issues on special teams in recent years and State has certainly been a mess when it comes to making extra points so far this season.

But somehow, some way, it looks like the Bulldogs are able to make ridiculously long field goals possible this season.

In the first quarter of Mississippi State’s game against the Bowling Green Falcons, what appeared to be a pretty promising drive stalled out thanks to some offensive miscues and issues on the offensive line. The Bulldogs, already up 14-0 thanks to impressive touchdown passes from Will Rogers, had to settle for an absurdly long field goal attempt.

Which of course everyone absolutely assumed that they’d make given the special teams issues they’ve had throughout the year so far.

Ben Raybon lined up for the field goal attempt and Raybon, of course, somehow sent the ball through the uprights with absolute ease i na manner that was ridiculously impressive.

MSU fans were, understandably, caught off guard by such a magnificent kick.

Mississippi State football fans react after Ben Raybon makes incredible field goal

These sorts of field goals just aren’t made in Starkville all that often.

Shoutout to Ben Raybon for being really good at kicking footballs.

Here’s to hoping that one day he’ll go out and set the record for the longest field goal in Mississippi State football history.

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