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Shoutout to Jordan Rodgers for believing in the Mississippi State Bulldogs

Photo: Mississippi State Athletics

There’s an SEC Network analyst who is all in on Mississippi State, Mike Leach, and K.J. Costello. Well, after how the Mississippi State football team thrashed the LSU Tigers, there’s probably a few SEC Network analysts buying in on the Bulldogs.

But, before MSU won its first game of the Mike Leach era of Mississippi State football in stunning fashion, there was an SEC Network analyst who had already bought in.

That would be Jordan Rodgers, folks:

For his bold prediction for the first week of SEC football, Rodgers said the Bulldogs would win against LSU.

SPOILER ALERT: he was right. MSU looked amazing against the defending national champs.

Rodgers was, as it turns out, the only picker on SEC Nation to pick the Mississippi State Bulldogs to win over the LSU Tigers.

Oh, and it should be noted that nobody on College GameDay picked MSU to win. Everybody there thought the defending national champs would get the win over Mississippi State.

To be honest though, I thought LSU was going to win as well. I’ll happily eat that crow. Kudos to you, Jordan Rodgers, for going against the grain and having the right prediction for Mississippi State and LSU.

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