Mike Leach and the Mississippi State football team celebrate after beating the LSU Tigers in 2020.Mississippi State Football

‘We beat them all week long’: Watch Mike Leach, Mississippi State celebrate upset of No. 6 LSU

Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics

Mike Leach and the Mississippi State Bulldogs certainly have a lot to celebrate. In the first game of the Mike Leach era of Mississippi State football, the Bulldogs came out and proved they could compete with, and beat, just about anyone as MSU knocked down the then No. 6 LSU Tigers, 44-34.

The upset was a shocking one and certainly wasn’t expected by many. But Leach and MSU did the unthinkable and toppled the defending national champs.

Following Mississippi State’s win over the Tigers, Leach and his team celebrated in their locker room, with Leach addressing his team in a speech.

But while the Bulldogs were celebrating, Mississippi State’s head coach made sure to remind them that there was still work to be done. As shown in a video shared by the official Mississippi State football twitter account, Leach states MSU must continue to improve.

“As good as you think this game was, we played this game, we have to get better this week. We have to get a week better this week,” Leach challenged his team.

Leach was then presented with the game ball, and State’s head coach made sure to recognize the efforts from his players.

“I couldn’t have got this without you guys,” Leach said.

Watch the video and check out Leach’s speech here:

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