Mississippi State fans should absolutely watch the Alex Wilcox Memorial Tournament

Photo: Kelly Donoho/Mississippi State Athletics

Hey, Mississippi State fan, take some time this weekend and watch The Snowman Alex Wilcox Memorial Tournament.

For those unfamiliar with Alex Wilcox and this tournament, Wilcox is the first female student-athlete in in the history of Mississippi State athletics to have her number retired. She inspired teams nationally and internationally during her fight with ovarian cancer.

She passed away at 18, but her legacy still lives on at Mississippi State. The Bulldogs have honored her legacy appropriately and, along with other honors, Wilcox’s number was retired. Mississippi State also named this tournament after her.

And, if you for whatever reason needed some other reason to watch this team during The Snowman Alex Wilcox Memorial Tournament, the Mississippi State softball team flat out looks really good right now. Yes, it’s really early on in the season, but the Bulldogs have shown plenty of potential so far.

At 13-3, Mississippi State has thrived against weaker teams and is off to a phenomenal start. There’s a fairly reasonable chance that the Bulldogs end the weekend with a record of 18-3.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the first year of the Samantha Ricketts era, now is a great time to start.

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