Show up and support Mississippi State softball during the Alex Wilcox Memorial Tournament

Photo: Kelly Donoho/Mississippi State Athletics

The Mississippi State softball team needs your support. This statement is, in general, kind of always true, but it’s definitely true this weekend as the softball team honors a Bulldog legend.

This weekend, Mississippi State is hosting The Snowman Alex Wilcox Memorial Tournament. Bulldog fans should absolutely tune in and watch the tournament this weekend. But, if possible, Mississippi State fans should get out and go watch these games in person.

Not only does this Mississippi State softball team deserve fans sitting in the stands (this team is ranked at No. 24 and is 13-3 so far this season), but this weekend, the Bulldogs are celebrating the legacy of Alex Wilcox.

For those who aren’t familiar with Wilcox, she played for the Bulldogs while battling ovarian cancer. Her courage while battling the horrible disease inspired people internationally and she was the first female student-athlete to have her number retired by Mississippi State.

This tournament was also named in her honor.

If you’re unable to get out to the games, that’s totally understandable. But if you’ve got nothing better going on, go support this team. The games are free and this team is really good. Get out and watch some softball.

Mississippi State’s first game of the tournament is against UAB at 7 p.m. at Nusz Park.

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