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10 things to do during Mississippi State baseball season as Bulldogs struggle

The 2023 Mississippi State baseball season is off to a horrendous start. So here are a few things to do to get your mind off of this baseball season.

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Look, things haven’t been great for Chris Lemonis and the Mississippi State baseball team. Things haven’t been great for Mississippi State baseball fans. And if you’d like to get your mind off the Bulldogs’ baseball team for a little bit, then there are a few things you can do this season while MSU struggles.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t support the Bulldogs. But, you should know that it’s okay if you’d like to try to learn something new or go find a new hobby right now.

10 fun things to do as Mississippi State baseball struggles

So, without further ado, here are 10 things Mississippi State baseball fans can do this season to help take their mind off the struggles of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

#1: Watch Mississippi State softball online

You absolutely can and should be supporting both the Mississippi State baseball and softball teams. And rather than just being a miserable Mississippi State baseball fan, you should also be an excited and optimistic Mississippi State softball fan.

Samantha Ricketts and her Mississippi State softball team are THRIVING right now. While Chris Lemonis and his Bulldogs struggle, the Mississippi State softball team is fresh off of a sweep of the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Bulldogs are amongst the best in the SEC in softball standings right now.

#2: Pick up a new hobby like woodworking or landscape design or something


It never hurts to pick up a new skill or two. This is a great time to get out and do some gardening. Or learn how to juggle. Pick up a new hobby. It never hurt anyone to learn something new.

#3: Make Mississippi State baseball memes

Memes are a great way to cope with pain. Laugh through the disaster. Make some memes to help you get through this dreadful MSU baseball season.

#4: Learn to play disc golf

Disc golf is objectively better than fake golf. It’s more affordable. You’re actually supposed to and encouraged to throw things (something that is frowned upon in regular, boring golf). Plus it gets you active and allows you to enjoy nature. Go play disc golf with your buddies.

#5: Watch Donut Media’s Up to Speed series

I like cars. A lot of people like cars. I like history. A lot of people like history. Learn about the history of specific cars here.

Like the Nissan Patrol

Or the Subaru Forester

#6: Get Air Raid certified

A lot of folks don’t have a really solid understanding of the Air Raid offense and there are a ton of misconceptions out there about “running the ball” and nonsense like that. Go learn things about the brilliance that is (probably) God’s favorite type of offense.

This is something I plan on doing at some point, but I don’t have the time or money budgeted for something like this at the moment. But you should do it! And then tell me what you think about it!

#7: Learn a new language


We’re all about learning things here at The Underdog Tribune. And learning a new language can help you connect with more people and understand new cultures. So, go learn a language or two. It never hurts to spend some time gaining a better understanding about the world around you.

#8: Speculate about why Mississippi State’s pitching has fallen off of a cliff

Mississippi State’s pitching staff is STRUGGLING right now and the Bulldogs don’t really have a quick fix ready.

Let’s take a look at this handy chart of SEC baseball stats prepared by the conference and ESPN:

SEC baseball pitching statistics from the official conference website. Mississippi State's pitching stats are highlighted in blue.
Mississippi State baseball’s pitching stats are highlighted. They’re not very good. Chart and stats via the Southeastern Conference and ESPN.

#9: Watch highlights from the 2021 Mississippi State-Auburn football game on YouTube

Let’s take it back to YouTube for a second and watch some happy football memories.

#10: Go to a Mississippi State softball game

Get to Nusz Park and watch a Mississippi State softball game with your friends and family. In person. It’s a wonderful, inviting atmosphere. There’s great seats with great sight-lines available. And this team is solid so far this season. They deserve your support just as much as any other program on this campus. There’s no real reason you shouldn’t be at a Mississippi State softball game.


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