Footballs on the field at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.Mississippi State Football

WATCH: Mississippi State secures win vs. Illinois in chaotic fashion

After flailing on offense all throughout the first half, Mississippi State needed a strong second half showing to be able to have a shot at getting any sort of win vs. the Illinois Fighting Illini. Thankfully, Will Rogers sharpened up, the play calling was more stable, and the Bulldogs were able to find their momentum and execute their game plan.

But even with a decent output of offense, State wasn’t able to do much more than lead by three points with seven seconds left in the game. With that 13-10 lead over Illinois, Mississippi State squib kicked the ball to the Fighting Illini and gave Illinois the ball with just three seconds to do something.

Illinois didn’t really have a chance to do much, so they started doing all sorts of goofy laterals to try and keep the game going. And those shenanigans ended abruptly as the Bulldogs, in the midst of Illinois lobbing the ball back and forth all over the field, were able to scoop the ball straight off a bounce off the turf and scramble down the field and into the end zone with no time left on the clock.

After struggling to get any sort of points all game long, Mississippi State scored nine within a couple handfuls worth of game time.

Check this play out:

Bulldogs secure first win of Zach Arnett era of Mississippi State football with zany play

That’s just incredible. True art right there. Making it even more impressive is this stat right here.

Mississippi State won in a truly bizarre fashion. The Bulldogs are incredible. Mike Leach would almost certainly be proud (and relieved) to have won this nonsensical bowl game.

Hail State and Mike Leach forever.

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