Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach and quarterback Will Rogers shake hands prior to Bulldogs' game against Memphis Tigers at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.Mississippi State Football

Mississippi State football breaks out pirate logo helmet honoring Mike Leach

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are paying tribute to their late head coach in the perfect way possible. After getting to play in a bowl game where there’s a literal pirate ship built into the stadium, the folks crafting the uniforms and logos for the Mississippi State football team found a way to honor Leach’s memory (and his love for pirates).

The Bulldogs will be placing a beautiful and unique pirate flag on the side of the helmets. On the flag are a skull and crossbones insignia, which you’d kinda expect with a pirate flag, and then also Leach’s initials.

It’s Maroon and White and it’s not too flashy. Utilitarian and beautiful all at the same time. It’s the perfect tribute for a guy that loved pirates, wore cargo shorts, and stripped his offense down to what made it most useful, efficient, and effective.

Let’s go win a bowl game for the Pirate, shall we?

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