Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach speaks with the Bulldogs during their road game against the Arizona Wildcats.Mississippi State Football

College football world stops to pray for Mike Leach after Mississippi State football coach hospitalized

The college football world has come to a halt and is providing an incredible outpouring of support for Mike Leach and the Mississippi State football team as the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs has been hospitalized. The situation is heartbreaking and devastating, and it’s something to keep an eye on as the next few days pass.

What happened to Mike Leach?

According to a news release from Mississippi State athletics, Mike Leach suffered a “personal health issue at his home” on Sunday. Sometime after that, Leach was then subsequently transported to Jackson, Mississippi, so that he could receive treatment at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, according to the news release.

Both Robbie Faulk and Steve Robertson have been pretty diligent and active about keeping everything up to date on what is going on with Leach’s condition. And if Faulk is tweeting this, things are very serious right now.

There are a number of rumors floating around, but it’s important to pay attention to what has been verified and is accurate. It’s best to not speculate or broadcast unfounded rumors.

As for the football operations, the Bulldogs have said that they are continuing on with practices as Mississippi State prepares for its bowl game against Bret Bielema and the Illinois Fighting Illini. As the Bulldogs move forward and prepare for their bowl, Zach Arnett, the defensive coordinator for MSU, has been named the interim head coach.

This will be updated as quickly as possible much as reasonably possible moving forward.

Fellow coaches show support for Mike Leach

As Leach, his family, and his team deal with this situation, coaches from around the country are making it clear that they’re supporting one of the most iconic figures in all of college football right now. Leach has served as a mentor for many across the country and he has even served as the head coach for a number of other prominent head coaches across the country. He’s had an incredible impact on this sport and it’s very rarely recognized. Many overlook all that Leach has done for this sport throughout his life and it’s worth recognizing his impact on the lives of others around him.

It’s worth noting that there are coaches outside of college football who are obviously very familiar with Leach and are praying for an incredible recovery here. Sam Purcell, the Mississippi State women’s basketball coach, is one of those coaches.

Mississippi State football players, coaches pray for Mike Leach

This situation has to be unbearably hard for the Mississippi State football team, a bunch that has gone through quite a bit throughout the season. It’s impossible to fully understand how the Bulldogs are processing this situation, but it is clear that they are supporting their head coach as he and his family are navigating this.

And you’ve even got former MSU football players like Aaron Brule still showing their support for Leach.

Media members support Mike Leach

College football players aren’t the only ones chiming in to express their support for MSU’s head coach. Plenty of media members are also weighing in on the situation to show support for Leach and his family in the midst of this situation.

It’s truly impossible to go through and pinpoint everything that everyone has said about Leach. He’s a pivotal figure in college football and has touched the lives of many throughout his coaching career. His accomplishments and innovation are often ignored or overlooked by many. He’s very rarely been given the credit that he deserves for what he’s done. And yet, he’s still one of the most beloved names in all of college football as well as one of the most successful coaches this millennia has seen.

And he sure seems to be one heck of a guy who cares for others. A number of great stories about Leach’s character have been shared as people try to emotionally process this situation.

Pray for Mike Leach, folks. He needs it. His family needs it. His team needs it. And at this point, it doesn’t matter if he ever coaches another down for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. What matters is Leach’s humanity and his relationships.

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