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Twitter erupts as Dillon Johnson announces he’s leaving Mississippi State football

Well, a key member of the Mississippi State football team is on his way out of Starkville. Dillon Johnson, a dynamic all-purpose back who fit well into the manner in which Mike Leach’s Air Raid operates, has decided to leave the Mississippi State Bulldogs and head on out elsewhere via the transfer portal.

That’s all fine and dandy as it is. It sucks, but Mississippi State’s offense is currently working on getting two solid running backs via this next recruiting class in the form of Jeffery Pittman from Hinds Community College and Seth Davis, a 3-star running back from Katy, Texas.

But, well, it’s not great in the manner in which Johnson announced he’d be leaving MSU. Here’s his announcement. Read it all the way through:

That’s not great!

And yeah, Johnson has been a great part of this offense, but he’s been dinged up at times. And apparently there’s been some level of disagreement with his head coach. That doesn’t result in good things. Clearly. Now the college football world is reacting (and some are using this as a confirmation of their prior thoughts on Leach’s reputation as a disciplinarian).

But of course, some note how this doesn’t look good for really anyone involved.

Dillon Johnson takes shot at Mike Leach as he leaves Mississippi State football

Folks all across college football had thoughts on the matter. And of course, because this is Twitter and one of the most bizarre sports in the world, people shared their thoughts on the matter freely and openly all throughout. That includes one of Mississippi State’s most ardent recruiters.

Plus there’s some college football media folks chiming in on all of this:

And even folks like Dan Mullen, former head coach of the Mississippi State football team, are weighing in on the matter:

Oh, and Aaron Murray, one of the greatest quarterbacks the SEC has ever seen, also had thoughts on the matter:

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