STARKVILLE, MS - April 17, 2021 - The Mississippi State Bulldogs compete in the 2021 Maroon & White Spring Game at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field in Starkville, MS. Photo By Laura ParsleyMississippi State Football

Game thread: Mississippi State football vs. Auburn Tigers

Mike Leach and the Mississippi State Bulldogs are back in action in Starkville this evening! After a couple disappointing road losses and then a bye week, MSU is back home for the first time in a WHILE. And the Bulldogs definitely need a good home game to get going back in the right direction.

That’s what this game can be.

Mississippi State is facing a fairly dysfunctional, head coach-less Auburn Tigers team tonight. That presents a great chance to go out and dominate and get a really solid win. A victory over Auburn would also secure a bowl berth for the Bulldogs. And that would be nice!

Of course, if the Bulldogs don’t show up and they make a multitude of mistakes, then this season could very well get ugly in a hurry. MSU’s next opponent happens to be the Georgia Bulldogs, who are currently crushing the Tennessee Vols. And then in a couple weeks we’ll see State take a trip to Oxford for the Egg Bowl.

So a win would over Auburn be a good thing, but it’s expected. A loss would be a huge red flag that something is wrong and things could go sideways in a hurry.

Anyways, this is a game thread. It’s a place to comment if you’d like to comment and engage with other Mississippi State fans. I used to post these often over at another Mississippi State blog several years back. Let’s revive them and bring them here.

Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Auburn Tigers coverage from The Underdog Tribune

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Feel free to join in on the comments below. Just be sure to keep things clean and civil. I will ban and block as necessary and I REALLY don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of time moderating that. Don’t do anything that will get ANYONE in any sort of trouble.

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  1. Sheesh. I’m afraid to watch the Georgia game. But we won! We won!

    Congratulations to your Astros, Ethan. I’m sure you had two screens active tonight. Sorry I didn’t see the game thread notice.

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