Football on the field at the Liberty Bowl.Mississippi State Football

Mississippi State vs. Auburn: Bulldogs seek to secure bowl eligibility

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are working on locking up their spot in a bowl game this season. Mike Leach and MSU have been pretty solid for much of the season, but the Bulldogs have been incredibly inconsistent on the road. And that’s why it’s a great thing that State has returned to Starkville for a couple weeks.

After a nice bye week, the Bulldogs will get a couple of pretty important games in Davis Wade Stadium over the next few weeks. Obviously there’s a pretty big game next week when the Georgia Bulldogs come into town, but this week can be pretty big for MSU as well.

In addition to the bowl implications, there’s the whole matter of the fact that John Cohen up and left MSU as the Bulldogs’ athletics director to head east to claim the same job over at Auburn.

So, while I’m simultaneously disappointed to see Cohen leave and I’m wishing him and his family the best as they embark upon this next adventure of theirs, I’d really appreciate a definitive home win over Auburn to make up for this whole situation.

It’s gameday, folks! Nothing bad can happen on a Mississippi State football gameday, right? We’re going to celebrate just because we can. We’ll have a pregame poll here in a bit. A live thread. A game preview. The whole nine yards. Tune back in for some links here in a little bit.

Mississippi State football vs. Auburn Tigers: Bulldogs can become bowl eligible with win

But while the Bulldogs can secure a spot in a bowl game with a win against the Tigers, there’s a pretty big chance that this season can go sideways should State stumble at home. We’ve seen the Bulldogs play pretty inconsistent at times and they’ve been prone to making pretty big mistakes all throughout the season. While this team has plenty of potential, we’ve seen MSU make some messy errors that have cost them games.

And if they lose to an exceptionally dysfunctional Auburn Tigers team, then the remainder of this season starts to look pretty bleak.

A loss doesn’t seem all that likely though. This game is in Starkville. As was mentioned previously, MSU looks really solid at home. And the Tigers are fresh off of firing their head coach Bryan Harsin. Auburn just flat out doesn’t look all that impressive right now.

So MSU should win.

I really want MSU to win. For many reasons.

And I really don’t want this season to go sideways.

But it’s gameday, folks! Let’s get ready to have some fun and watch the Bulldogs. Plus there’s plenty of other college football to watch. And hey, the Astros are playing in the World Series tonight.

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