Football sideline bleacher and Gatorade stand at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.Mississippi State Football

Mississippi State football: Twitter reacts after Bulldogs beaten by Alabama

Well. Hey. Game bad. Football painful. This Mississippi State football game wasn’t much fun. No fun at all. And of course, fans of the Mississippi State Bulldogs had some thoughts.

Who wouldn’t have thoughts after their favorite team took to the road and stumbled once more? Well, MSU fans are certainly thinking things tonight. The Bulldogs really didn’t have any fun (though the defense looked really sharp during some moments and performed admirably) while the offense just kinda sputtered.

It was a frustrating affair that could have actually been SIGNIFICANTLY worse than it actually was. So we should be a little grateful in this moment, to be completely honest, that this game wasn’t a complete and total disaster.

It was just mostly a disaster.

Mississippi State football fans react after Bulldogs fall flat against Alabama Crimson Tide


The dropped passes HURT tonight. Just really bad. The Bulldogs needed their receivers to step up and unfortunately that didn’t happen to the extent that was required.

Hey, maybe next year.

“WE SCORED TOUCHDOWN IN TUSCALOOSA” – Daniel Black, the best wordsmith I know.

This is a pretty big deal.

If we don’t get at least three wins out of the next four…

But! Hey. Look. You want something to feel good about at the end of the day, here you go. Here’s Will Rogers representing Mississippi State University in the best way possible. The dude is a good dude and really seems to care a lot about people. I love that and respect that so much.

Shoutout to John Cohen for sharing that. Shoutout to Rogers for being a good guy. Mississippi State needs that kind of leadership. Most institutions and organizations and teams of any sort, shape, and size would benefit from having a selfless leader working to make the world around them better.

And this was very refreshing to see. The game was awful, but this was good. And this moment of happiness is good to have.

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