Mississippi State football mascot Bully enters Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field as Bulldogs host Memphis Tigers.

Mississippi State football: Twitter reacts after Bulldogs beat Arkansas Razorbacks



Mike Leach and his Mississippi State football team got a pretty impressive win Saturday afternoon. The Mississippi State Bulldogs went out and got one step closer to bowl eligibility (and made things a little interesting in the race for 2nd in the SEC West) as they clobbered the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Will Rogers and the Bulldogs’ offense was efficient and impressive as Emmanuel Forbes and the Bulldogs’ opportunistic defense worked together to secure a 40-17 win over Arkansas Saturday.

Mississippi State really needed this sort of win against Arkansas and that’s exactly what they got. To follow up last week’s dominant effort against the Texas A&M Aggies with a similarly impressive win over the Razorbacks sure makes MSU look a lot more solid now.

And if that can continue into next week, then things might get interesting as a number of teams try to secure the spot as the second-best team in the SEC West this season.

But let’s focus on right now for the moment. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. With Mississippi State’s win, a number of folks are celebrating what the Bulldogs were able to accomplish against Arkansas. Plenty of people are taking notice.

And of course, Mississippi State football fans are THRILLED. For the most part. We’re mostly thrilled.

Twitter reacts as Mississippi State football crushes Arkansas Razorbacks in Starkville

Of course, let’s start with the college football scene at large.

Of course, Mississippi State football fans have some thoughts on the matter:

Mississippi State football fans react after Bulldogs beat Arkansas Razorbacks

Hail State, if you ask me.

This game was pretty great! Maybe not if you’re an Arkansas fan. But for folks who love the Mississippi State Bulldogs, it was great!

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