Football sideline bleacher and Gatorade stand at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.Mississippi State Bulldogs

Arkansas Razorbacks fans react after losing to Mississippi State football

The Arkansas football team didn’t have too much fun in Starkville this afternoon and now Arkansas football fans really aren’t enjoying themselves on the internet right now. The Mississippi State Bulldogs beat up on Arkansas and came away with a 40-17 win over the Razorbacks.

And understandably, Arkansas fans aren’t too thrilled with this situation.

Arkansas fans have plenty to be frustrated with. The folks in Fayetteville have every right to be frustrated with how today went. Of course, after Arkansas took the last two meetings from Mississippi State, I sincerely doubt anyone in Starkville will feel an overwhelming amount of sympathy for how things went today.

Mississippi State’s 40-17 win was pretty cathartic given the last two meetings in this series. But I can totally understand why Arkansas fans are upset.

Arkansas football fans react after Razorbacks run over by Mississippi State football

That’s certainly not a fun situation to be looking at! But hey, some folks are trying to go ahead and move on. There are maybe some bright spots in the future for Arkansas. Some Razorback fans are certainly looking forward to football season being over.

There are plenty of folks in Fayetteville who are ready to see some sort of change happen for Arkansas. Some are calling for coaching staff changes. Some are calling for just general scheme changes. But a lot of Arkansas fans are hoping for some sort of change. Because apparently today wasn’t an enjoyable experience for the Razorbacks.

That said, whether or not Pittman will listen to tweets remains to be seen.

Arkansas will follow up this contest with a meeting with the BYU Cougars. Which, well, that could be interesting to watch. The Razorbacks are currently 3-3 on the season. There’s a good chance they fall to below .500 next week. And if that happens, then this season could very quickly spiral for the Razorbacks if they aren’t careful.

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