Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach and quarterback Will Rogers shake hands prior to Bulldogs' game against Memphis Tigers at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.

Mississippi State football fans react after Bulldogs thrash Texas A&M Aggies



Hey, the Mississippi State football team was able to get a really solid win over the ranked Texas A&M Aggies. Water is wet. The sky is blue. The Bulldogs have now won 5 of the last 7 meetings with Texas A&M. That’s really good! And this Texas A&M defense appears to be pretty solid, but Mississippi State was able to generate momentum and get a really impressive performance from Will Rogers and company today.

The Bulldogs got off to a slow start, sure. And there were plenty of penalties and mistakes that absolutely must be fixed, but at the end of the day, Mississippi State won by a score fo 42-24.

And that’s a very impressive win.

During his time in Starkville, Mike Leach has now recorded 6 ranked wins for Mississippi State.

He’s got the Bulldogs going in the right direction.

And of course, that’s something that Mississippi State fans should be excited about! The Bulldogs looked great today. They took care of a ranked foe. And they did it while still looking sloppy at times. If they can clean up their mistakes, this Mississippi State football team could be really dangerous to face.

But that’s enough of my thoughts. Let’s get to your thoughts.

Mississippi State football fans react after Bulldogs crush Texas A&M Aggies

Mississippi State looked really good today. From blocked kicks to long touchdown throws to pick sixes. MSU looked great.

In case you didn’t know, Texas A&M paid Jimbo Fisher a lot of money for that loss. A lot of money.

It was a good win!

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  1. Robert Gaston Avatar
    Robert Gaston

    Greetings from a “For Whom the Cowbell Tolls” unwilling expatriate. I hope the old group …. well, most of them … find this.

    1. Ethan Lee Avatar
      Ethan Lee

      Welcome and thanks for coming on over! Tuk U 2 is around here somewhere

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