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Kansas State football: Ranking Adrian Martinez’s 4 rushing touchdowns vs. Oklahoma Sooners



The Kansas State football team just recorded one of the most entertaining upsets of the season when the Wildcats found a way to upend the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman. Thanks to the brilliance of Adrian Martinez and how fast he’s able to run all over his opponents, Kansas State went to Oklahoma and came away with a very respectable 41-34 win over the Sooners.

This is The Underdog Tribune. It’s a Mississippi State blog. It’s also a place where I, a Mississippi State blogger, am committed to blogging randomly about other teams at times throughout this season. Simply because I can. I’ve done some Nebraska coverage. And as you can see, I’m doing some (more) Kansas State coverage.

And so we’re going to celebrate Kansas State’s win over Oklahoma. We’re also going to rank Martinez’s 4 rushing touchdowns against the Sooners.

Without further ado, here are Martinez’s four rushing touchdowns vs. Oklahoma ranked:

No. 4: Adrian Martinez moves right through OU’s defense to secure Kansas State’s win

This is simple. It’s straightforward. It’s arguably the most important of Martinez’s touchdowns because it did help secure Kansas State’s victory, but he had other more impressive and fun touchdown runs throughout the evening. We should celebrate those some more.

No. 3: Adrian Martinez keeps it and hauls on into the end zone for the first score against Oklahoma

This is one of my favorite things that Kansas State’s offense is able to do. This subtle option keep and scoot on past defenders for a touchdown. I love it. It’s so much fun to watch. I miss seeing Mississippi State do these sorts of things (though it should be noted that I do love seeing the Bulldogs Raid the Air, I just miss having fun with #AlwaysRunNeverPass).

No. 2: Adrian Martinez darts through Oklahoma’s defense to extend Kansas State’s lead in the 4th quarter

Martinez is fast. He’s able to scoot right past defenders on a regular basis when he’s running. And he ran right past Oklahoma’s defense as he cut through a perfectly open lane to get to the end zone in the fourth quarter of this contest. It’s magnificent.

No. 1: Adrian Martinez dives in to give Kansas State football a 21-14 lead

I love this touchdown. Love it. Dude plunges right into the midst of Oklahoma’s defense and then lands himself right into the endzone for yet another rushing touchdown. It’s pretty impressive athleticism.

Kansas State has now won three of the last four games against the Oklahoma Sooners. The Wildcats have been able to be a thorn in Oklahoma’s side for a few years now and they’ve done it in pretty impressive fashion on each occasion. If Kansas State could consistently play at this sort of level, then this program would certainly be something worth worrying about on a national level.

But right now, the Wildcats aren’t really there just yet. They’re moving in the right direction and they’re a ton of fun to watch and root for, but they’ve got some significant strides that they need to take if they’re striving to be among the best in the Big 12 on a routine basis.

That said, wins like this sure help elevate this program’s notability and prestige. The Wildcats sure look a lot better today than it did prior to this win. Maybe they can find a way to make some noise in the Big 12 this season?

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