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WATCH: Kansas State football, Adrian Martinez embrace #AlwaysRunNeverPass for touchdown

It looks like Kansas State football and Adrian Martinez have found an offense that works well for them. Kansas State is in the midst of battling the Missouri Tigers and the Wildcats are making sure to take full advantage of Martinez and his ability to run faster than most of his opponents.

That’s right! The Kansas State football team likes having a mobile quarterback! They’re breaking out the famed and unstoppable #AlwaysRunNeverPass offense that clearly everyone loves and should take full advantage of.

In the early moments of the second quarter between the Wildcats and the Tigers, Martinez carried the ball and scampered for a 16-yard touchdown run. It was effortless and efficient and just an all around perfect way to score a touchdown. Take a look:

Watch Kansas State Wildcats quarterback Adrian Martinez scamper and score a touchdown

I love it. It’s art. It’s just such a good way to score points. Let’s watch it again.

Martinez making the move to join Kansas State might just be one of my favorite things that has happened in college football (outside of Starkville). While he didn’t always have success with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, it’s becoming more and more evident that he was far from the only individual that was struggling in Lincoln.

Whatever happened with the Huskers was clearly not just his fault. There’s a lot more happening there. So it’s exciting to see Martinez have a chance at winning with a stable program like Kansas State.

And clearly it appears as if the Wildcats will focus their offensive efforts on utilizing Martinez and his skill set in the best manner possible. Let him scoot around and run for touchdowns. It’s fun and brings points. #AlwaysRunNeverPass forever, if you ask me.

Especially in rainy games where things might get a little sloppy. At the moment, Kansas State is leading 20-6 in the third quarter. Their offense is efficient and solid and perfectly suited to grind out wins against their foes. Let’s see how they handle the rest of this contest.

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For more independent Mississippi State news and commentary, follow The Underdog Tribune on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Ethan Lee on Facebook and Twitter.

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