Mississippi State football fans in the stands of Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.Mississippi State Bulldogs

Cowbells reportedly won’t be allowed at Mississippi State football vs. Arizona Wildcats

Well, if you’re taking your cowbell on the road, you might want to leave it at your hotel. The Mississippi State football game between the Bulldogs and the Arizona Wildcats is very clearly a game that is on the road. It’s not happening in Starkville. So don’t take your cowbell to the game.

Just don’t do it.

While some were initially thrilled about the possibility of taking their bell to the game after it appeared as if Arizona was going to be cool about one of college football’s most enjoyable traditions, the Wildcats have apparently decided to keep cowbells out of the stadium.

They don’t like opposing fanbases to make loud noises, apparently.

Mississippi State football fans react as cowbells aren’t welcome in Arizona Stadium

Given that it initially appeared as if Bulldog fans would indeed be able to take their bells to a road game (a rare occasion since everyone is afraid of a little noise, for some reason), this update is pretty sad, all things considered. Free the bells! Allow them at every event!

Free the bells! Let Mississippi State fans thrive!

Of course, why any home team would ever try to give their opponent and opposing fans any sort of home field advantage is a bizarre thing, so it makes sense that Arizona wouldn’t allow cowbells in their stands. It simply doesn’t make sense for Arizona (or really anyone) to give Mississippi State any sort of advantage.

But yeah, taking a bell on the road just seems like a great way to lose it. Don’t lose your bell. Only take it to home games where great traditions are loved and cherished.

Maybe one day an opponent will willingly welcome loud noises with open arms. Until then, we’ll keep our bells at home.

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