OMAHA, NE - June 18, 2021 - 2021 Men's College World Series logo painted behind home plate during practice at TD Ameritrade Park before the 2021 MenÕs College World Series in Omaha, NE. Photo By Austin Perryman

5 best college baseball highlights of the weekend – 4/1-4/3

College baseball is a perfect sport that provides all sorts of wonderful moments. That includes some incredible highlights that may not seem possible but actually definitely are possible.

Without further ado, here are my favorite college baseball plays that took place over the weekend.

5: Jackson Mayo somehow holding on to make a catch in a rivalry matchup

Let’s start with a big rivalry matchup down in Florida. Jackson Mayo somehow held on to this catch despite it taking him over the outfield wall!

This is just magnificent.

The fact that Mayo appears to be neither hurt or even remotely phased by the fact that he just made an impossible play is absolutely impressive.

4: Tennessee Vols decide to stop hitting home runs in favor of bunting


The Tennessee Volunteers are the story of the season so far. They’re the best team in the country at the moment and can routinely hit home runs with ease. And yet, in a rivalry matchup, the Vols decided to toy with the Vanderbilt Commodores a bit.

And they bunted.

Bunts are always great but this one is particularly amazing. Asking a man who has seven home runs on the season to just simply bunt is incredible stuff.

3: Oklahoma Sooners making an improbable catch to end the inning

Hey, look, more rivalry baseball!

This time, in Arlington, Diego Muniz of the Oklahoma Sooners made one of the most impressive catches of the season to end an inning against the Texas Longhorns.

This feat of athleticism and coordination is rare and seems unlikely, but it’s apparently totally possible to pull off. If you’re Muniz, that is. This isn’t exactly something that everyone will be able to do. It’s amazing.

2: Georgia Tech’s Jadyn Jackson makes an absurd catch


While some catches are feats of athleticism and coordination, others are combinations of athleticism, coordination, and just a little bit of luck. That seems to be the case with Georgia Tech’s Jadyn Jackson, who made what was arguably the most impressive catch of the weekend and did so while he was stumbling and falling backwards.

I don’t understand how that’s remotely possible. I don’t understand how someone is coordinated enough to do that. It’s amazing.

1: West Virginia Mountaineers steal home twice against TCU Horned Frogs

This might just be the play of the season (so far).

On the road against one of the proudest college baseball programs in the Big 12, the West Virginia Mountaineers managed to steal home TWICE to take the lead over the TCU Horned Frogs.

The brilliance of tying the game up and then very quickly taking the lead is something that should be acknowledged. The speed required to pull this off is probably pretty rare for someone to have, but West Virginia had it.

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