Mississippi State men's basketball head coach Ben Howland. Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics.

Mississippi State basketball fans react to Ben Howland news

The Mississippi State Bulldogs need a new men’s basketball coach. Mississippi State basketball has decided to bid farewell to Ben Howland and is now looking for a new leader to guide this program forward.

Thursday afternoon, John Cohen and the Mississippi State men’s basketball program announced that a new head coaching search is underway. The Bulldogs are looking for a new head coach and Howland will no longer be leading the Bulldogs.

That’s a lot to process.

There’s been speculation and rumors and chatter for a while now, but the news is official and Mississippi State needs a new head coach.

Here’s how Mississippi State fans are reacting on Twitter as Howland is headed out:

Twitter reacts as Mississippi State basketball parts ways with Ben Howland


The Bulldogs definitely improved from where they were when Howland was initially hired. However, fan support seemed to dwindle over the years and the Bulldogs eventually stopped getting any better. They hit a plateau and just could seem to continue finding new ways to improve.

Howland wasn’t always the most appreciated coach at various moments throughout his tenure. Despite the fact that he’s one of four coaches to ever take the Bulldogs to the NCAA Tournament, many overlooked what he accomplished and simply focused on criticizing his shortcomings.

That said, many are grateful for everything the Bulldogs accomplished under Howland. Many truly do appreciate the wins that came under his leadership and the way the program improved.

But now it’s just time for a new coach.

It’ll be fascinating to see which direction Cohen and Mississippi State go in following Howland’s departure. The Bulldogs have a better program now than they did prior to Howland’s arrival. Hopefully the next coach is able to build upon that.


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