Mississippi State football stadium. Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.

It’s game day: Mississippi State football is finally back!



Photo: Trevor Birchett/Mississippi State Athletics

College football is back! More importantly and specifically, Mississippi State football is back! It feels like the offseason has been pretty long, but we finally have the opportunity to watch the Bulldogs play.

The Bulldogs are entering into the second year of the Mike Leach era of Mississippi State football and here’s to hoping that this season is considerably better than last season was. Things were rough for Mississippi State in year one with Leach at the helm of this program, but switching to the Air Raid from the offenses MSU was familiar with is a difficult thing to do.

Thankfully, this year, MSU had a full spring and full offseason to get adjusted to the culture Leach brings and the offense he loves. Plus, quarterback Will Rogers is no longer a freshman being thrown into an unfavorable and challenging position.


There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful for how the Bulldogs can perform this season. From Jaden Walley and Rogers gaining more experience to Zach Arnett’s defense to a challenging but relatively manageable schedule,

While many may want to ignore the possibility of MSU and Leach being successful, there’s a fairly realistic path for the Bulldogs to win eight games this season.

Yes, going 8-4 is possible for this team. That may seem like a stretch, but if the offensive line is improved and things are clicking between Rogers and his pass catchers, winning that many games is feasible. However, because it’s the SEC and because MSU is still likely to go through some growing pains.

And unfortunately, going 4-8 is possible too. Hopefully we won’t see that sort of season though. 8-4 is far more fun than 4-8.


It’s hard to project just how good this team will be. The Bulldogs have some potential, but they’ve actually got to play up to it to get those wins this year. Things are never easy in this conference and MSU actually has some tough non-conference foes. So, we’ll see how this year plays out.

Regardless, it’s great that Mississippi State football is back. It’s such an incredible relief to be able to watch the Bulldogs once again.

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