Here’s who will represent Mississippi State football at 2021 SEC Media Days



Photo: Austin Perryman/Mississippi State Athletics

The 2021 edition of SEC Media Days is underway and some members of the the Mississippi State football team will be headed to Hoover, Alabama, to represent the Bulldogs and their university during the event. SEC Media Days can be a circus, but this year the event is closed off to fans, which will hopefully keep things nice and straightforward and normal.

A total of three Mississippi State Bulldogs made the trip to Hoover and are set to get chatting with media members Wednesday afternoon. The event will be televised on the SEC Network for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s who will represent the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Hoover:

Mississippi State football head coach Mike Leach


Unsurprisingly, the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs will be in Hoover for this event. That shouldn’t shock anyone. He’s supposed to be there. He’s the guy that everyone wants to hear from. Just like all of his counterparts from the other SEC football teams, Mike Leach will be at the absurd event that is SEC Media Days.

This is the perfect opportunity for Leach to win over even more fans with his unique personality and odd yet incredibly entertaining jokes.

Expect Leach to have to field plenty of questions about Mississippi State’s struggles during his first season leading the Bulldogs. Plenty of folks in the media will toss him questions about why the Air Raid stopped working at times and plenty of people will ask Leach about who will be taking the starting snaps at quarterback for the Bulldogs.

Hopefully this whole shindig will be a ton of fun to keep up with.

Leach is scheduled speak at 1:30 p.m.

Mississippi State redshirt junior Aaron Brule


Aaron Brule joins his head coach for the trip and will represent the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ solid and impressive defense. Brule has been with Mississippi State for a few years now, having joined the program under Joe Moorhead’s leadership back in 2018.

Brule got the opportunity to really step up when Mississippi State needed him throughout the 2020 season as he burst onto the scene, proving to be one of the best players MSU had last year.

Prior to 2020, Brule hadn’t been a starter for the Bulldogs, but in 2020 Mississippi State had plenty of chances for the talented linebacker to get out on the field and demonstrate just how good he can be. Brule played in 11 games in 2020, totaled 77 tackles (including 8.5 tackles for loss) and was disruptive throughout the entire season.

Brule earned his spot as a starter and he’s definitely earned the right to represent the Bulldogs in Hoover. Expect to see a lot out of Brule throughout the season as he leads the Bulldogs on the defensive side of things again this season.

Brule is scheduled to speak at 2:05 p.m.

Mississippi State redshirt senior Austin Williams


Along with Leach and Brule comes Austin Williams, a redshirt senior wide receiver from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He’s one of the most experience players on the roster for the Mississippi State Bulldogs and it stands to reason that he’ll be someone Leach will turn to this season to help lead Mississippi State’s Air Raid.

Williams has played in 37 games, including having made 14 starts for the Bulldogs, and he’s got a great opportunity to help develop Leach’s offense at State.

At 6-3 and 200 pounds, Williams is a pretty solid receiver who matches up well against most defensive backs. He’s caught 64 passes throughout his time at Mississippi State for a total of 628 yards and eight touchdowns. He hasn’t really had a season where he’s exploded on the scene quite yet, but hopefully in 2021 we’ll see Williams and the Air Raid take off.

Williams is scheduled to speak at 2:20 p.m.

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