‘Help us fill in the map’: Let’s get someone in every state to do the #428WallSitChallenge

Photo: Kelly Donoho/Mississippi State Athletics

It looks like the Mississippi State softball team has ambitious goals for this year’s #428WallSitChallenge. The challenge, now in its third year, has expanded, and it seems like Mississippi State is hoping that it’ll be done in a few new places this year.

The challenge is done in honor of Alex Wilcox, a Mississippi State softball player who died during her freshman year after battling ovarian cancer.

The roots of the #428WallSitChallenge go back to the fact that Wilcox, despite going through arduous treatments for her fight against cancer, was still participating in practice and conditioning with the Mississippi State softball team. As it turns out, Wilcox did a wall sit for four minutes and 28 seconds following a chemo treatment earlier in the day.

I have tried to attempt this challenge in the past and I ended up on my butt three times before three minutes passed. The fact that Wilcox was able to do what she did despite what she was facing is remarkable.


But it truly seems like many things about Wilcox were remarkable. Her battle against cancer inspired everyone from her teammates to softball players around the globe.

“The college softball world was very clearly inspired by Wilcox and rallied around her cause. From David Kuhn and the Central Arkansas Bears to the Ole Miss Rebels and various other SEC softball programs to a Chinese professional softball team and so on and so forth, people and teams were motivated to support Wilcox in her battle against ovarian cancer and to raise awareness of the disease.”

Ethan Lee, MSU expands #428WallSitChallenge as it enters its 3rd year

Last year, folks all across the United States participated in the challenge. According to the official Mississippi State softball twitter account, people in 39 different states joined in.

Now, let’s try to get some more folks involved.

The challenge is done to honor Wilcox and the battle she endured, and it’s also to show others who are fighting ovarian cancer that they’re not alone.

If you join in on this challenge, or the Alex Wilcox 8K, post a photo or video on social media.

For the #428WallSitChallenge, tag the official Mississippi State account by using “@HailStateSB” and then add in the following hashtags to your post:

  • #NoOneFightsAlone
  • #428WallSitChallenge

If you do the Alex Wilcox 8K, tag “@HailStateSB” and use these hashtags:

  • #NoOneFightsAlone
  • #AW8K

To read more about the challenge, how it has expanded for its third year, and Alex Wilcox, click here.

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