Fundraiser established for former Mississippi State cheerleader injured in ‘bad accident’

Photo via Kayla Jackson

A former Mississippi State cheerleader could use some help after being injured in a “bad accident” that happened on April 8. In a Facebook post, Kayla Jackson detailed how Mackenzie Copeland was hurt in the incident.

According to her Facebook post, Mackenzie Copeland, a 2014 graduate of Mississippi State University, suffered “broken back bones” as well as injuries to his nose and ribs. Copeland has been hospitalized and is receiving treatment and “intensive physical therapy” Jackson explained in her post.

Jackson added that it could be 12 to 18 months before Copeland has a full recovery. Which, in all honesty, is an absolutely brutal amount of time to work on healing from a rough incident like this.

But, despite all of this, Jackson said that Copeland is still sharing his “million dollar smile that lights up an entire room.”

“To know Kenzo is to love him. He has a million dollar smile that lights up an entire room. He is always so positive and happy. Several people have already told me that he has the nurses and hospital staff just smitten,” Jackson explained.


So how can we help?

Photo via Kayla Jackson

Well, to eliminate some of the financial burden this places on Copeland, a GoFundMe and a t-shirt fundraiser have been established. In the GoFundMe’s description, Jackson says that Copeland has already gone through one major surgery and is set to stay in the hospital for “at least 2 more weeks.”

At the time of writing this, a total of $6,560 have been raised to assist Copeland.


But there are going to be a lot of expenses with this. And this is something that the Mississippi State family can come together on to help one of our own when he needs it.

“God has a purpose for Kenzo. We know his race is NOT over yet. Please be apart of our family and give what you can,” Jackson wrote.

To visit the GoFundMe, click here. To check out the t-shirt fundraiser, click here.

Jackson said that all of the proceeds raised by the GoFundMe fundraiser (minus the fee GoFundMe takes out) will go to Copeland. She added that all proceeds from the t-shirt fundraiser will go to him as well.

This is an opportunity to do some good. Let’s do some good, Bulldog fans.

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